Monday, December 31, 2012

Going Viking with McToy Bag O's Cheap Figure Fantastic

Deluxe Toy Viking Playset Figures.

by Mc Toy (imported and prepainted bag o figs that I bought at US Toy.)
What we have here is a gamer on winter break digging out all of his budget figures and getting some relaxing game time on the wargame table in the basement.   Now I am a social gamer but I will also go solo and in the case of budget figures it is sometimes better to go solo first and love the figures for what they are rather than defend them in a social setting because they are so cheaply made, sketchy paint jobs and odd poses for most gaming needs.  But hey, my vacation, my solo.

 Here we have the Viking chieftain looking fierce and ready.  I had a shield project that is a perfect one day event if everything comes together so on this snowy day I armed a about a quarter of these figures with great shields that I hot glued right to the mini.
 Hordes of the Things Beserker (Hero).

 A quick image search on the googler found these shield designs that I copied into a word program to resize.  The images are from work on a computer game I think and were very beautiful and pretty close to what I was imagining.  I printed them onto a one sheet decal or mailing label paper and was very pleased with the art.  The wooden disks are from Michael's craft store and come in a large bag called woodsies.  I didn't get enough so I will be returning to kit out the rest of the figures.

 Game and the artist's name is Ramseus. 
 Men what's without.
 and them that has.

 Sweet Transformation kids we got us a fightin' army now.
by McToy


  1. I wouldn't be embarrassed about how cheap they are. They are lovely figures, well sculpted and useable. With a paint job they'd look fantastic but they look good as is. Are they 60mm or 54mm?

  2. 60mm and they match the rest of the current prepainted plastic figures from BMC/Supreme etc.

  3. They look good to me . . . the shields add a lot to them.

    -- Jeff

  4. Its the fellowship...... not the mini! Its my mantra as I'm a awful painter.

  5. The shields 'made' the figs. The designs worked perfectly! I wouldn't be too concerned about anyone giving grief about the figs, either.

  6. Apply "The Dip", and they will look even better! I paint up Army Men figures, apply The Dip, and game on. I also painted up some 60mm Viking figures as Frost Giants for my AD&D BattleSystem games, using Magic Wash, blue mix. They look fantastic with 25mm figures, for a fraction of the cost of using metal mini's. YMMV. Cheers!

    1. You are right. I am going to dip these. I only did half the force because I couldn't get enough woodsie disks. Fortunately when I get the rest of the disks I will have time to dip the figures first and do some paintbrush modifications to dress and trousers. Then when I add the shields we will have a great looking force on the cheap.