Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Glorious 18th of June

Naval garden gaming.



Space Orks taking a planet from Feral Orks.
Under the employ of the Slann, the Space Orks begin the harvest on Khorigate of the Feral Ork population.  The battle this evening was horrendous and the Feral Orks lost an astonishing battle.

Dawn Patrol 2016

Every year on 4th of July we have a dawn patrol aircraft game in the morning in the backyard.  This is garden wargaming at it's best.  The game has been played in a variety of genre but has settled mostly on WWI aircraft and is called "Boxkites".  Rules written by Ken Van Pelt.

And for your viewing pleasure here is a "yuuu-huge"  photo dump.

The German planes are tasked with getting photographic reconnaissance behind an allied barrage balloon barricade.

The flying circus.

French barrage balloons.

Go little weasel, go!

Smoke effects by Carlos Pyrotechnics.

Terry getting shot down.

taka taka taka.......

The Asp taking extreme damage.

Taunting the enemy by landing at their base and taking a selfie.

The barrier.

"This is the area we need reconnaissance."

The Asp is shot down.

Thanks for looking in...