Friday, September 2, 2011

Aliens - This Time It's War 54mm Sci-Fi

The Secondhand Lions converged on the Lion's Den this Thursday the 1st of September 2011 to prepare our convention presentation at Recruits September convention. We did a practice run through the Aliens Leading Edge title "This Time It's War." This is a recreation of the movie reactor room scene where the colonial marines face the xenomorph in an attempt to get the hell out of the alien hive. Double click images for a heads up display.
"Hicks check your helmet cam.."

For those about to Rock We Salute You!!!!

Initial deployment screens with fire.

Xenomorph encounterd and neutralized.

Being watched.

The retreat is cut off.

I played Crowe and was about to be consigned to the bagage column. This xeno incapacitated me and next thing I knew was waking up in the APC on the way back to base.

A view of the reactor room.

Our left flank is wave attacked by multiple contacts!!!!!

My other marine, Dietrich was to remain behind for close personal contact with the new alien species. She did in the course of the retreat whip 2 xenos off of Apone. Only to be the last marine in the hive firing away with the flamer as she was covered in acid and dead bodies of the aliens....

7 marines made it to the awaiting APC for a complete marine victory. I however was down 50% and wounded.