Friday, January 17, 2014

Fire in the Cane Fields

Lion's Port Act III

The slave revolt of Lion's Port erupted from the cane fields this last Thursday evening in a 54mm G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. wargame for the Secondhand Lions.
The British controlled port was a strategic location in the commerce trade of the Caribbean.  The adventuring sea dogs of the Secondhand Lions have been causing quite a stir in the port with several gaming adventures to their credit and would add a flame emblazoned chapter this fine evening.

Governor Gwyyn Kell Uhl calls out the militia to quell the slave and Carib uprising.  The tramp of military boots echo past the admiralty building.  Off to the bush to have at those insurrectionist peons.
The officer shouts, "hold this crossroad and don't let the slaves into Lion's Port proper."

The crew of the Hotspur is ordered into action to bolster the militia.  They inadvertently leave the dockyard slightly undermanned. 

Musketry erupts from the cane field tree line. "who gave those bastards guns!!!!"

The Carib threat emerges from the far left flank of the attack.

"Steady lads.  Your the best damn regiment in the islands.  Hold your fire until they make a show."

Chaos ensues and the Caribs wash over the walls like high tide.

Back at the cross roads the militia is anticipating support from the Hotspur crew.

AMBUSH!  The towns tavern and dockyard has emptied out all the idle hands and ship-less crew to support the slave uprising!  Chaos in the streets of Lion's Port.

A tip of the hat to the players that evening.

The Caribs and their cane knives prove to be formidable.  They continue their onslaught against the militia.

The survivors flee the crossroads district.

Meanwhile, some player characters listen in earnest to the sounds from outside the admiralty jail.

The multicultural throng of mayhem boils in the streets.

Admiralty house is under siege!  And capitulates.

The Hotspur is taken by a dwarf and the sea dogs of the Secondhand Lion's.
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