Friday, January 24, 2020

Kicking In The Door

The CORPS picked up on their WAAS: wide area aerial surveillance drone - threat movement in the area of the marauder base. The front gate was breached with high explosives. And the team arrived on site via ground transport. The gate was rushed and threats were subdued. The ring leader was captured, however one unit of property was removed from that location. Top secret non disclosed vital information.
WAAS FEED: Declassified.
Eyes in the sky detect movement at a known Marauder base.  Blow the gate and infiltrate.
One of my go to solo game mechanics is multiple models of the game objective.  The Marauders will try and exit the table with as many of these cases as possible.  The CORP want to obtain them so as to decipher the Marauder plans.  These are "objective" markers and the key one to be in possession of is the one with the gun.  The back story can be anything you decide but during the game only the outer case can be seen and thus one fun little fog of war.
The infiltration team of reservists hit the gate and put fire on the tower.
Tower guards respond but do no damage.
Team leader breaches the gate.  To move a figure when I play solo I always roll 3D6 for each figure to activate it.  The quality of the figure is written down on a roster and the roll must equal or exceed the stat.  In this case all troops were Q3 C2.  The C stat is the base combat add in.  There is also a weapon stat.
The team returns fire on the tower and neutralizes the guard.
Guard face down in the gate as he fell from the observation post. KIA.
Missile trooper breaches gate and goes down in a hail of flanking fire.  We lost our heavy weapons early and this did not look good.

We had the perimeter secured and the team poured automatic weapon fire into the compound taking out one tango.

Tech went in to the suspect container area looking for clues to the Marauder activity at this location.  Special rules can allow Tech savy characters to sus out what an item is and it's purpose.
Spotted by the villainous "Troll"  Slade Broz - site leader for the Marauders!
Shots exchanged.
A Maruader grunt comes around the corner.
Perimeter fire is called in on the window where Slade Broz is firing his weapon!
He is knocked down.  In the MDRG rules when you are beaten in a roll by an even numbered result you are knocked down.  When you are beaten by an odd result you recoil or move back one base width.  In the knocked down result you need to spend an action to get back up and if you are beaten while in a downed disposition you are KO'd.
Looking better for the CORPS.
Grunt comes to his aid by entering the lower floor of the lab.
Slade the "TROLL" Broz is not done he rebounds and rolls success to get up and confront the perimeter fire.
Meanwhile on the first floor a reservist enters the room directly behind the grunt.  This gets ugly and complicated so I did not disassemble the lab building I played the lower floor on a separate schematic of the floor.
Grunt gets a KIA and our CORPS reservist gets eyes on the lab and what is taking place.  He needs to secure these physical assets.
Troll comes down stairs and blapps this trooper!!
Right out the door.
Troll grabs one case and heads up to the second floor. He is pursued by two CORPS reservists.
They subdue him in outnumbered hand to hand.  In the game you fight at a disadvantage with more than one opponent.
Troll is captured along with one of the asset cases.
But meanwhile overhead a chopper is heard....
Condor flies in to the rooftop wherein one of the grunts has made it to the roof with an asset case.
Simon Crill leans out the cargo door to retrieve the case and the trooper.
JUMP aboard!
Whoop - whoop - whoop - whoop....
Partial success for the Marauders.
Crill, aka "Plague" still has vital asset information about the technologies that are being developed under the Marauder master plan.

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