Saturday, July 1, 2017

LEGO tech Battletech with LEGO Constructs

This is me at work.  I am piloting a LEGO Giant Stompy Robot.  Built mostly of white common bricks and some cool add on weaponry I am entertaining a summer camp class of 15 boys 1 girl and three teenage paras that are assisting with the camp.

This afternoon's build objective was a giant stompy robot that would fight in the arena of doom using a controller built from a specific attributes set of bricks.

One of my teaching assistant's builds.  Kind of reminds me of a MadCat from battletech.

This delicate little model did some mean fighting but was constantly coming apart into bits when it was moved.

The controller was built from a panel piece with three green, three red, and three blue 2x2 bricks.  Green means Go and that was the move allowance brick.  Red means fire so that told how far  the robot could shoot in board map squares. Blue was used as armor and hand to hand stats for punching.

The squares on the map allowed for movement and measuring range to target.

My Samurai Robot being ambushed from the side.  You can also see my tiny recon drone tracked robot on the ground at my feet.

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