Friday, April 1, 2016

Blue Max WWI Air Combat

Point of purchase to table elapsed time 48 hours...
World War One air combat with Blue Max.  This game was our Thursday night event as we gear up for the centennial of the aviation dates of note.

The game was well received and we jumped in with all the optional rules in effect and sorted out a 4 on 3 German victory.

Exceptional components for this older title.  The map is good enough to warrant two copies of the game.

Gameplay was pretty easy to teach.  We discussed how to miniaturize this game and what we might start creating for 3D aircraft models.

As gamers do we probably won't leave well enough alone.  I like the look but it is fun to make things for gaming.  So I expect some smallish 3D aircraft minis in the future.

Thanks for looking in.  Check your six and leave a comment.