Saturday, November 26, 2016

Carrera GO! Formula One to Carry Me Over

Rekindled my love of slot car racing with a couple of Carrera Go "Final Lap" sets and some extension packs.  I also bought a few extra F1 cars.

My gaming table in full F1 mode.  This stuff is pretty neat and I am learning about the brand and what is available.  It is a pretty finite thing which might be a good thing for me.  Limited car selection and a variety of good track designs that fit in a normal basement.

Ferrari and Red Bull Racing on the start finish line.

Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton in his silver 44.  Ready to take the world championship tomorrow morning.

My track side grandson can play these very easily as they have a "governor" clip that attaches to the thumb plunger trigger.

We had a great Thanksgiving race weekend.

Good morning Carrera.

Aerial view of Track #1 6 x 8 table.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Kansas City Electric Football League Season Three Begins

Opening night for the Kansas City Electric Football Club has begun in the Lee's Summit and Shawnee locations.  
My Minnesota Vikings kick off team set up in a game against Lynn Schmidt's KC Chiefs.  We would go on to win this one 24 to 21.  Lynn missed a FG that would have tied the game.

More action from the Chiefs Vikings game.  The field was built for Jesse by our commissioner Kelley Newton.  I played Jesse in our first game of the night but did not get any photographs.  Jesse is currently fielding a Sumner Sabers team but is working on a concept uniform Chiefs team.

Lynn's Chiefs.

Ready for some football.

Jesse and Billy in a second game of the night.

Willis and Kelley on the field.

Lynn and the new Chiefs field.

Great times and a lot of laughs for those interested look up MFCA or Miniature Football Coaches Association online and see what this hobby has to offer.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Advanced Heroquest GW edition

We sneaked in a late Halloween dungeon crawl using the Advanced Heroquest board game by 
Games Workshop. The adventuring party below went looking for a kidnapped victim.  Deep beneath a cult cultural center was a labyrinth of halls filled with evil thugs and scouts bent on mischief and mayhem.  Our party of first level adventurers learned the rules as we went.

At the beginning of the evening we moved and mapped.

Late in the game we encountered a heavy room full of foul beastmen and Chaos thugs.

Pretty nice set of rules.  Seems like a fulfilling bit of fantasy and dungeon delving would be accomplished with a lot of game play in a campaign.

We cleared this room and the evening came to an end.  Maybe see this game next year.