Saturday, November 26, 2016

Carrera GO! Formula One to Carry Me Over

Rekindled my love of slot car racing with a couple of Carrera Go "Final Lap" sets and some extension packs.  I also bought a few extra F1 cars.

My gaming table in full F1 mode.  This stuff is pretty neat and I am learning about the brand and what is available.  It is a pretty finite thing which might be a good thing for me.  Limited car selection and a variety of good track designs that fit in a normal basement.

Ferrari and Red Bull Racing on the start finish line.

Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton in his silver 44.  Ready to take the world championship tomorrow morning.

My track side grandson can play these very easily as they have a "governor" clip that attaches to the thumb plunger trigger.

We had a great Thanksgiving race weekend.

Good morning Carrera.

Aerial view of Track #1 6 x 8 table.

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