Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lanard And That's Not All

Lanard Corps Action Figures Review

I cannot quit my addiction to collecting the 1/18 or 90mm or 3.75 scale CORPS figures from Lanard Toys.  Lanard makes GI Joe "Me Toos" as I have heard them referred to.  Well travelling through WalMart last night I stumbled on the 2015 release of new sculpts, new colors and a new wave of legit enemies for the CORP to fight against.  Lanard has never had a visual foe that was legit.  It was starting to occur with recent Rogue units but now one of the CORPS own has gone evil.

The three pack release format has been kept. Two goods and a bad or...

Two baddies and a good.

But guess what!?  There are female sculpts in this round of release.

Two of them.  And they are great.

Also MECHs!!  What a wonderful surprise.  I collected them all!

Click images to get a better look.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Well My Head Exploded! Playing in an online game of Diplomacy

  1. secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others.
    "the armed forces were working in collusion with drug traffickers"
    synonyms:conspiracyconnivancecomplicityintrigue, plotting, secret understanding, collaborationscheming
    "there had been collusion between the security forces and paramilitary groups"
    • LAW
      illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially between ostensible opponents in a lawsuit.

Well my head exploded!  This game of DIPLOMACY does not disappoint! 

This was my first game of Diplomacy.  I had been warned and have read on Boardgamegeek that this game is a friendship ender and someone goes away mad. 

 "In a face to face game I suppose this is where I am supposed to tip the board over, scatter the pieces and storm off mad!  Well we aren't there.  But I am mad.  I am upset."

The games rules were very fluid and participation was at the expense of time and energy to watch each video all the way through as things changed over time and temperament of the game designer. This social experiment was fascinating to participate in and very addicting. Getting things to move at all was a matter of communication with adjacent players who were either on your faction or an opposition. The players are located all over the globe and separated by time zones and distance.

Playing under Steve's rules with factions and a nonstandard map there was no where for KFM to expand.  We cooperated to move his fleets to the area where he could get a beachhead and a coop attack. Then the rules changed.  The faction set up is flawed. 

White couldn't attack each other so if we wanted to play we had to ally. The cost of allying with me was gaining position on the map and then I was going to pay all debts but got swept out of the game and winning position.  
I fought my way over to TB in Bay of Bis to get him a coop attack.  Steve stepped in and thought we colluded/allied for my benefit but I ask you how could TB have played out of a position in Bordeux?  

The mutual support has to occur sequentially.  

It was time for TB and KFM to get their paybacks but what was the cost? - me playing Diplomacy and forming colluded/alliances to get the game moving to a map position to assist in the attack with Theo and get KFM a beachhead in either St. Naziare or LeHavre. 

Then the rules/game/positions changed and the fleets are all swept back to home ports.  

It isn't collusion it is an alliance.  

The game master related a situation from his past that has obviously really left a deep impression on him. What our faction did was not colluded but a way to keep playing in a fluid game setting and be part of a campaign game.  

I played Diplomacy.  I used persuasion and sequential paybacks to get ahead in the game and may have won. Seems like Diplomacy to me.  

This social experiment is wonderfully maddening.  I believe the game is too wonky and not a model of consistency.  The map was ambitious.  The scope of the game overly ambitious.  I am very glad to have played this game and experienced Diplomacy to the point of real anger!!