Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Boxkites WWI Aircombat Game

You double click the image and then save to print. This is placed in the bottom of a copier box lid. You use barrel thumbtacks to plug in the air speed and altitude. You can also use another tack to mark the protractor arc to plot moves. On the ground in the backyard you move the aircraft model 1 yardstick each time you get an asterisk in the turn phase. You get three shots per turn and you can fire in any phase at any time. Use 6 sided regular dice.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Clothespin Aircraft in Action

Backyard wargame tradition in the Lion's Den. This game has been played for years as a 4th of July morning wargame. Dawn Patrol! This year we ran a play test on June 19th.
Tony, Bill, and Ted fly for the allies. Airplane models are mounted on drill rod and stuck in the ground. The cardboard boxes have the control sheet, dice, fire markers, and thumbtacks for the game.
Brian was my ally on the German side.

Yardsticks are the movement increment. D6 are used to fire the guns.

Terry flys in for the Germans in game two.

Please double click this image to open a much better view of the aircraft models. It will improve your view of the homemade aircraft.

View from my cockpit in game two.
Great game with some fun wargame friends.

Monday, June 14, 2010

World War I Aircraft Made from Clothespins

This craft is very popular and I would like to be able to send the plans for this to your email as a PDF.  If you want a copy of the plans for both of these aircraft please email: kenneth_vanpelt AT This offer is valid as of 2016.
I am charging a nominal fee to help with the purchase of more craft sticks. If you use paypal to send me $6.00 I will send you a PDF or power-point that shows detailed instructions with all measurements and materials list for the WWI aircraft below.

Ready for action. The planes are made from clothespins. Two different styles - square pin and round. Wings are made from large flat Popsicle sticks cut to pattern. Machine-guns are from dowel.

Pilot is a plastic bead glued to a card-stock hole-punch. Decals are made from mailing label and some art copied off of the internet.

All aircraft were glued together quickly with a hot glue gun and the whole batch was built at one sitting.

My flying rules are in the image and you can see the simplicity of the game if you enlarge.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Clothespin Toy Soldiers Tutorial Chapter 3 Figure Decoration

In this chapter our figures take on final decoration painting and additional craft items.
These Zulu in the following picture had felt loin cloths added and pipe cleaner arms pushed through the drilled hole. Our earlier made rifles are passed out and arms posed in a variety of ways to suggest a rabble. Items are hot glued into position.

Our British officer is attempting to get this Native Rifles platoon into manageable order.

These lads will serve on all of my crew served artillery and Gatling guns. These hands on the pipe cleaner are made by dipping the arm into paint once inserted into the figure. Kinda liked it at first but I have a better method now.

These figures are made up to serve as Natal Mounted Police. The clothes pins were selected for their particular deep head shape that suggests the helmet quite nicely. The hands are made from mailing label sticky paper and colored with a felt tip pen.

Full Squadron ready for action in the Natal frontier.

The clothespin horse. Pretty successful depiction with a limited palette. Three clothespins were used and cut in a variety of ways to get the parts. Two large flat pins and one small flat pin for the head. The horse neck is one of the tines cut from the large clothespin. Dismounted policemen nearby.

ZULU chief and his harem.

Natal Policemen and Zulu Chief discuss issues.