Saturday, June 5, 2010

Clothespin Toy Soldiers Tutorial Chapter 3 Figure Decoration

In this chapter our figures take on final decoration painting and additional craft items.
These Zulu in the following picture had felt loin cloths added and pipe cleaner arms pushed through the drilled hole. Our earlier made rifles are passed out and arms posed in a variety of ways to suggest a rabble. Items are hot glued into position.

Our British officer is attempting to get this Native Rifles platoon into manageable order.

These lads will serve on all of my crew served artillery and Gatling guns. These hands on the pipe cleaner are made by dipping the arm into paint once inserted into the figure. Kinda liked it at first but I have a better method now.

These figures are made up to serve as Natal Mounted Police. The clothes pins were selected for their particular deep head shape that suggests the helmet quite nicely. The hands are made from mailing label sticky paper and colored with a felt tip pen.

Full Squadron ready for action in the Natal frontier.

The clothespin horse. Pretty successful depiction with a limited palette. Three clothespins were used and cut in a variety of ways to get the parts. Two large flat pins and one small flat pin for the head. The horse neck is one of the tines cut from the large clothespin. Dismounted policemen nearby.

ZULU chief and his harem.

Natal Policemen and Zulu Chief discuss issues.

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  1. The horses look great . . . as do all of your troops, sir.

    -- Jeff