Saturday, May 22, 2010

Clothespin Toy Soldiers Tutorial Chapter 2 Painting and Rifles

Here is the pegs all primed. For the Zulu I use Walnut brown or Leather Brown suitable final color. Front rank is the NMP on their dismount peggs.

Secret ingredient for painting eys.

More secret ingredient revealed.

A trip to the barber. The tray contains black yarn that I cut from a wadded bundle into very fine fluff. A spot of white glue on the peghead and a dip in the tray and you have a hairy zulu.

This next section shows how to make quick 54mm rifles of the era.

A visit to the armory.

Cut to length.

Sniped with the edge cutters. Double click the image to see the rifle in the foreground. Two quick cuts and a craft stick pops into the silhouette of a rifle. I prme em black with india ink.

Rifles with a couple a brush strokes of pewter or gunmetal acrylic.

Next Chapter will be on dressing out the peg with arms, weapons, clothing or uniform detalis.

If your making some along with me please post a comment with info on a peek at your forces.


  1. Very nice and simple rifles. I like it.

  2. I am building a set. Can't find a brown I like though.