Friday, April 29, 2011

Operation Bulldog Part II After Action Report

The military activity on Proserpina has accelerated after a fortune in mercenary money was donated to the cause. One of the first targets the insurgents attacked was the Bulldog Tank works on Proserpina.

Bulldog Enterprise is located in a northern sector of Pridetown and is heavily guarded by the 9th Benjamin Regulars. The Highlander Mercenary Unit that attacked them was paid for using a sizable donation from a retired mechwarrior named Thomas Clearwater.

This view of downtown Pridetown includes portions of the Bulldog campus. 9th Benjamin Regulars can be seen moving into responsive positions to intercept Highlander mechs.

An aerial view taken from the Highlander command vtol.

An urgent looking Goshawk from 2nd Batt. 1st Co. 9th Benjamin crashes through the lush palms on the Bulldog industrial campus to try and halt an encroaching Atlas.

The Highlander force has a toehold in the wasteland and has landed on planet additional forces that have still to be encountered or accounted for...
This attack signals a new and reinforced threat to Kurita control over Proserpina.

Bulldog Red building is being looted by the Highlander infantry. Part of the objective was to secure mech specifications and technical data from the industrial complex.

From top of image to bottom: Blue, Yellow and Green buildings are in view. Each of these buildings was targeted by the rebel army in an attempt to gain valuable technical data for use in the wastelands to refit mechs needed for further success in the fight to free Proserpina.

Combat footage courtesy of PRSPNN

The first and greatest success occurred because of a united Highlander front crashing into the south border of the Bulldog complex. Red Building was ransacked during hot fighting that included gutted mechs just within 200 yards.

Operation Bulldog : Long Lost Connections

the soft tapping of a keypad on an invader class jump-ship at the nadir point below Kathil was the only sound in the room.

The investment broker leaned forward to pick up the small note-card containing the last digits of the account number.
"this is the correct account?" he asked.
"That is the number we received from our contact on Proserpina," the woman in the room with him responded.

The omnipotent hum of the jump-ship filled the vacant space between the verbal exchange. Strong light raked the room from the distant Kathilian sun. Down below on Kathil a computer responded to the keypad input.
If dust could collect on digital data, this account would be buried in two inches of the powder of decades, hell, centuries.
Thomas Clearwater, account active, access code 790393T1987.000
Occupation: mechwarrior
Affiliation: mercenary
Last Data Access: E 1993 Kathilian Standard
Cr:345,000,000.00 K

tap,tap, withdrawal, tap, tap,


Routing number: Proserpina 04282011

The silence after the last data entry was prolonged.

The broker leaned back from the data pad and looked at the woman.

"I think we have a deal"
"Your information looks legit."

The silence once more fell over the room as the woman looked out the view window at the arcing light along the length of the jump-ship hull.

12 parsecs away at the nadir point below Proserpina, a cluster of three overlord class drop-ships began the descent process and detached from the shepherding jump-ship and rotated for their descent toward Proserpina. The woman had no way of seeing this but as she stared into the vacuum of space the quiet was remarkably the same.

Un-couplers popped and securing lines were cast off and into the quiet the behemoths of metal floated freely as the gravitational pull of Proserpina began to exert her influence...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Highway of Death Proserpina 3057

Critical connections have been made in Pridetown. The exodus of the faithful has begun in earnest. The Dragon has been caught sleeping. Here on Proserpina eons of suffering will be erased by the desert winds.

Mass vehicular traffic clogs route B out of Pridetown. All through the night civilian vehicles have created a dust cloud of anticipation into freedom and a new life across the desert.

Known as the "exodus" our rebel brothers and sisters have formed a caravan of innocent civilian vehicles loaded with the essentials for a new life in a reclaimed land.

.....every flight to freedom has it's pillar of fire and it was no different in this event. The Dragon awoke to send angels of death on our peaceful exit.

Jump troop infantry fall from the sky as VTOL traffic buzzes like an un-holy wind above our people.

David faces his own goliath as our soldiers in their newly born suits of holy armor face the wind of chaos from the Dragon lair.

I remember the noise of the VTOLS mostly...and the screams of our innocent. We escaped that night into the desert and created a new land of promise some of our band paid the price of this freedom and some of the Dragon lost a few teeth.

They preyed like vultures on our innocent caravan.

Pouring out of the Dragon lair and into our chance of freedom. We fought that night and half into the next day to secure a place far from the Kurita yoke.

to be continued.......

Call to Honor Mechwarrior Rules,

Mechwarrior Clix

and a new lease on an old game system.