Friday, April 29, 2011

Operation Bulldog : Long Lost Connections

the soft tapping of a keypad on an invader class jump-ship at the nadir point below Kathil was the only sound in the room.

The investment broker leaned forward to pick up the small note-card containing the last digits of the account number.
"this is the correct account?" he asked.
"That is the number we received from our contact on Proserpina," the woman in the room with him responded.

The omnipotent hum of the jump-ship filled the vacant space between the verbal exchange. Strong light raked the room from the distant Kathilian sun. Down below on Kathil a computer responded to the keypad input.
If dust could collect on digital data, this account would be buried in two inches of the powder of decades, hell, centuries.
Thomas Clearwater, account active, access code 790393T1987.000
Occupation: mechwarrior
Affiliation: mercenary
Last Data Access: E 1993 Kathilian Standard
Cr:345,000,000.00 K

tap,tap, withdrawal, tap, tap,


Routing number: Proserpina 04282011

The silence after the last data entry was prolonged.

The broker leaned back from the data pad and looked at the woman.

"I think we have a deal"
"Your information looks legit."

The silence once more fell over the room as the woman looked out the view window at the arcing light along the length of the jump-ship hull.

12 parsecs away at the nadir point below Proserpina, a cluster of three overlord class drop-ships began the descent process and detached from the shepherding jump-ship and rotated for their descent toward Proserpina. The woman had no way of seeing this but as she stared into the vacuum of space the quiet was remarkably the same.

Un-couplers popped and securing lines were cast off and into the quiet the behemoths of metal floated freely as the gravitational pull of Proserpina began to exert her influence...


  1. I would like to nominate you and your blog for 'The Stylish Blog Award'

  2. thank you, and on behalf of myself and the group I hope we've passed the audition....