Friday, April 27, 2018

Alien Day LV-426

Begin transmission:
The planet LV-426 Atmospheric processor was infested by xenomorphs.  United Americas Colonial Marine Taskforce Sulaco was detailed for a dcut cleaning excercise on planet.

The insertion team would be 1st platoon sqauds 1, 2, 3 (heavy weapons detail with two sentry guns.)
The xeno spawn sites were identified through scanner processing and the place was thick with bugs.  Each spawn site would have to be neutralized to keep the aliens back enough to reach the central control computer.
It was a slog fest of G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T.-ESQUE marine firepower and alien insurgence.

First contact with the xenos was aggressive and 1st squad began to take casualties.
The marine in contact would not survive the encounter from the flaming alien that burst through the wall of fire.
Wave attacks of aliens just keep pouring into the facility.
The atmospheric control center computer needed to be restarted and was in the thickest part of the hive nest.
The Secondhand Lion's wargame club had three members present this year for Alien day.
A massive playset collection was used for the event.

Proving terrain is wysiwyg!
Closing in on the objective.
The queens chamber guard bugs were a little more deliberate in their approach and attack.  But they showed their hand too soon and the final wave attack was shot down with withering fire from the marines.
Last wave attack.
Marines punch through for a win.

"Windows cannot shut down because you have open files.  Would you like to save this data before you restart?"

Thanks for looking in on the blog and Happy Alien Day April 26, 2018.