Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Kansas City Electric Football

We were supposed to go over to Shawnee Mission area to a tavern and play with the local electric football group but the weather didn't cooperate.  Stayed in Greenwood and had an inter squad scrimmage.  Used the Vikings with weighted bases and some tweakage.  Stick passing is cool and we got a demo of Mr. Sneaky feet!

Terry Carr and the White Jersey Viks.

Stick Pass interception.

Carrom Games

Had a vintage-y fourth of July.  I got to play a lot of old table kinetic games.

Beer and skittles for three generations.  Grandpas entertaining the young ones.

Aurora Skittle Bowl and Carroms in the background.

Great game - pin count skittles to 200.

Skittle top by Carrom.