Friday, May 23, 2014

In the Mountain pass of Azilal

The Provinces of our imagi-Nation Morocco.Deep interior of Azilal, in the river fed mountain pass an ancient cult has guarded a secret tomb and prison to a demon known as Exodius.

There would be conflict again in this remotest of regions.

In theory this valley site should have remained hidden for all time.

 Once the discovery was made the forces of the world would come to investigate and try and take all things of value and pillage.
The French would send their Foreign Legion to invade and take the valley.
Hideous and maniacal  contraptions would be discovered and need to be fought.

The British would send their foreign forces into the valley.  If only to best the French and to test their new contraption.  The Fez!

The Defenders would try as they might to keep hidden that which is forbidden.
A great time was had by all in this three way G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. extravaganza.

The rules were card driven turn sequence with move or shoot.

Lots of eye catching moments in this terrain feast.

Finally got to use the scarab machines.  These were dubbed the "Arab Scarab."

Three forces contraptions all in the market square of the valley.  The French S. Car. Go.

Mech on mech action in a metal scuffle.

A scene near the great pyramid.  The tribes could be heard chanting the name of their god. "Exodia!"

The FEZ!

An evil pirouette.

Thanks for looking in.  The tribes of Taureg were victorious and will get to decide on the next game scenario.
A. Will they pursue the French to the river line and try and destroy their river boat?
B.  Will they pursue the British into the highlands and try and seal the pass that they used to access the valley? 
C.  Will they take the advice of you dear reader and go with your choice of the two game scenarios listed above.

If you read this far go ahead and comment on your choice for the next game.



The gaming device of card tiles came from this neat little Poker game.....

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Into the Valley of the Unkown

Welcome dear reader to the next chapter in the Valley of the Unknown G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. series of games.  This is a pre-event photo gallery of the forces for tonight's battle in the pulp fiction setting called:

The Pacification of Morocco

In the Mountain pass of Azalil

The French forces de boat form their river steamer The Fleur de'Lis and set up a hasty camp in an area known to contain historical archaeological ruins. 

The tribal forces have secured this valley for generations and now must defend it from outsiders.

The war party ready to defend the temple.

Sweet pyramid of Doom!

A view from the airship.

Marching into the ruins to ascertain items of worldly interest and power.

The Egyptian "Shriners" are set to seek the treasure.

Well let's pull up a chair and roll some dice.