Friday, February 12, 2016

Modern US Infantry Imagi-Africanation

and some air support.
These figures are from the dollar store and came in a hanging bag.  Super cheap knock-offs of modern US infantry.  Some of the sculpts are pretty cool.  I don't like the height of the helmets but hey, cool enough to add to my AK-47, Imagi-Africanation.

Couple of good painting days.

Ready for a tour in the mean streets of Liberia.

Nearly done.

Asses and elbows people we got a ride to catch.

A rocket truck from the Dollar General.  It came in a tan desert color scheme and I am re-purposing it for an objective for my game.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

DBA in the Angevin Demesne

The DBA campaign is rolling along with a very bloody spring of 1136. This blog report is from the recent battle of Avranches. This one was fought as a result of the attack by Baron Kenneth on the continental holdings of Baron Steven.

 Baron Kenneth checks out of the lovely seaside B&B and marches inland looking for Lord Steven.

Lord Steven the Violet.  Unfurls has banner and marshals his men to form battles.

Baron Kenneth the Orange unfurls his banner.  (Random die generated army set ups.)

The two eye each other. BUA of Avranches is lower left.
Cry Havoc!

Scene from the bell tower in Avranches.  The field is a splendor of medieval pageantry.

A wall to wall crash.  Let the dice sort them out.
Baron Steven would win nearly every die roll in the right flank.  Sending Baron Kenneth back to the beaches and driven from the continent. But wait dear reader.  The lesson of knightly impetuosity....

Pushing back the Orange banner.

Winning each time.  Attacker, Kenneth is red dice and defender Lord Steven is blue.
This push begins the demise of Baron Steven.  Just to eager.

and again he pushes back 

Full battlefield shot.

Baron Kenneth pulls back and sends a psiloi into the retreat path of Baron Steven.  The result was a push! Steven lives.

Here is the die roll that kills Steven and Kenneth's psiloi!

Three to three with a loss of the KnG.  Baron Kenneth  needs one more stand.

A deft maneuver sends the Violet banners into headlong retreat.

Cheers for the Orange. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Mentioned in Despatches

The Secondhand Lions gathered Thursday PM for some board game action.  The evenings fare consisted of Broadsides and Boarding Parties by MB and Formula 1 by Parker Brothers.  I will  publish some nice pixels of the ship game because it is one of my prized possessions in my game collection.
Ted tabled his copy of the game as well and we got to do one of those "great idea" events where you kit bash two games together for a mega battle.

Nick and Jon Mark on the expansion board.

Ted and Ken on table one.

Appropriate libation was requisitioned from the ship's stores.

The four ship mega battle.  This is where I lose the Isabella to hull shots. 

Three sections hulled out and a sinking ship.

Hell of a fun night.

I will post a link here to Ted's blog that will no doubt celebrate my awesome showing in one of my other favorite games that "mocked" me the whole circuit!!

Great night gentlemen.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Angevin Campaign The Third Battle of Toulouse

Loyal and Royal Lords of the realm of Angevin.
Duke Sanderson displays his array before the city of Toulouse.  Le Baron Jean la Jeune answers this call to arms and rides out to defend his demesne. 

What is this?! Ravens on the horizon.  We have collusion in the realm.  Duke Ryan has sent an allied contingent to aid the baron.

Horses paw the spring turf in anticipation of blood and mayhem.

Somewhere a trumpet sounds and the earth thunders with regal knightly maneuver.

Lord Sanderson's forces decide to fight knight on knight and perhaps avoid the crafty Duke Ryan and a flank attack at a disadvantage!  They move to their left flank in column.

And the banners of the house of Rouen are seen coming over the horizon.

The view from above.

Early game.

Crossbows exchange voley after volley in the attempt to snipe the city defenders from their hold on Toulouse....

Lord Sanderson's forces pour in...

The initial breakthrough!

Vicious scrum.

"Off ye rabble."  Ryan's general disperses the horde of Sanderson's forces.

Push, push, push.  We had several turns with desperate fighting that was inconclusive!

Push some more...

An interesting knot


Two (another push).

Three.  Game ender.  Duke Sanderson's forces see a general break in the days attempt and retreat to Blois.

Fourth stand removed.

Toulouse is safe and will remain under the banner of Le Jean la juene.

This all has occurred as described under my pen the first portion of the spring of 1136.