Monday, June 25, 2018

Battle Cry Old and New

I brought out the Battle Cry board game for the Monday night crew. Got to play two battles.  We used Pea Ridge as our learning game.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Summer Wargames Camp

Hey Happy Campers.  Summer at Barstow has begun.  I started off the first week with a wargames camp called "Swords and Sandals."  Day one I had four tables going in a junior general sort of way.
Easy peasy rules using 6 sided dice and red chips for casualty count.

One of my repeat students brought the rules I had written from the previous summer and wanted to jump right in where we left off last summer!
A lot of Supreme figures used in this camp.  The students will do some painting tomorrow.

The battle mats are painted cardboard.  I use old house paint in muted colors to get the look.

So after work what is a good way to relax?

Monday Knights HotT Game.
The Humans try and stem the tide of the herd.

I took my beastman army out for a stampede against Mike's human host of knights and vikings.

The herd did alright and we won the event.  I credit blades selection for my army units and some nice die rolling.  
My Hero-general Centaur-minotaur ruled the hilltop.  I killed both generals from each enemy faction and just had a rousing time with the magic users and all the weird stuff that HotT lets you use.

Mike's knights made some inroads on the flank but I did not wait on the hill - I swept down into the valley and made a good attack.

Super attractive band of viking warriors.  Steve commanded them valiantly against Chris but the herd would not yield in its' stampede.

My shaman magic user got in some good hits.  Allied by my fliers they took out the visiting team cleric.

Shaman started looking a little ensourceled as I had one magic missile failure.

Thanks for looking in.  Leave a comment for encouragement.  Enjoy your dice rolling.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Monday Knights

A triple D B A Game featuring Seleucids  versus Ptolemaic.  A great forest of pike gathered Monday at M. Sanderson's house for a triple DBA fielding of the collection of S. Gross fantastic miniatures.
Above image: two of the three Ptolemaic commanders marshaling their forces across the quite open battlefield.  The left flank had a river but neither force deigned to use it strategically.

My command above.  Seleucid pike and elephants with a knight general.
Elephant selfie.

A view towards the left.  S. Gross would succumb to the Ptolemaic power first and our left flank failed.  Then the right flank general under C. Wilkowski would also fail sending that flank into a drudging army. 

My center force crashed into M. Sanderson's force and we had a grinder of a battle in the middle using all the tricks in the book to try and decide the game.  In the end it would be the Ptolemaic forces that controlled Syria and the fertile grain basket of the middle east.
My general knight stand.

The most promising fighting that took place on our right flank Against C. Southard.

The end game.  I took out the opposing general but had demoralized my forces by losing more than four stands.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Such a Beautiful Child

Torin Prime is a planet in the Outer Rim, colonized early in the 22nd century and location of the Torin Prime Civil War from 2106 to 2108.

In 2106, a group of terrorist rebels, called the J'har, openly opposed the United Americas' local government placed over the colonies on the planet. That same year the J'har attacked the capital, taking the planet and killing all governmental functionaries of the United Americas or otherwise incarcerating them in concentration camps. The United Americas Allied Command feared such actions would encourage rebellions in other colonies, and launched an invasion on Torin Prime to liberate the planet. The UAAC had the advantage as some UA loyalist remained on the planet and started rebelling against the J'har.

Both Dennis Parker and Arthur Dallas fought for the United Americas. Dallas served in United Americas Outer Rim Defense Fleet as a pilot on the UAS Leviathan (out of Liberty Echo) and received the Sunburst Medal of Honor. Parker was captured by J'har rebels during the conflict and imprisoned at Concentration Camp GR-161 on August 1, 2107. He escaped on February 21, 2108 during the liberation of Torin Prime by constructing an EEV out of scrap. Following the liberation, Dallas was promoted to Captain, and Parker received an honorable discharge and returned to Earth.

The United Americas Allied Command (UAAC) was the union of all the military organizations of the nations that were part of the United Americas, which included the United States Army and the United States Colonial Marine Corps. The UAAC led the United Americas Outer Rim Defense Fleet forces during the Torin Prime Civil War and maintained a close watch on the Three World Empire's political, economical and military movements.

Within the UAAC, the USCM was tasked with maintaining the collective security of all UA signatories and their recognized interstellar colonies within the frontiers of the Network. Operating in tandem with local forces, the USCM was often the first line of defense and the vanguard of any counterattack.
United Americas
The United Americas was a country formed by the merging of North, Central and South America into one socioeconomic block. Created in 2104, the United Americas largely emerged as a response to the formation and growth of the Three World Empire, which was at the time pioneering space exploration and extra-planetary colonization. Aside from its terrestrial presence, the UA also oversaw several extra-planetary colonies, including that of Olympia on Luna.

The United States of America position as a starfaring, colonizing power has ensured it a leading role in the structure of the United Americas, as evidence from the name of the United States Colonial Marine Corps. The USCM is fully integrated into the joint command structure of the United Americas Allied Command and forms the major striking element of the UA forces.

All background text is credited to the above website.  A long time ago I researched the background material in the world of the Alien, Aliens, movie franchise and came up with a notion of what a battle in that universe would look like and what the captain of the Nostromo would have done in his previous military career.  I don't remember the websites I used and I am pretty sure this isn't the one I used but a google search for some of the common mythos vocabulary produced much of the same material I do recall.

Seeing this game again after 12 years was delightful.  What I was presenting when I designed and built the collection of ships for this game, was a combination of a sky full of space ships, and the ability to build your own fleet that had a choice of weaponry.  I used to play a Steve Jackson game called WARPWAR and that had a lot to do with the design aspect of this game.  I kind of remember the Honor Harrington series also and the fact that there were a lot of ships in the big battles.   I also didn't want to get down to marking hull damage and individual turret shooting it was supposed to be on a much grander scale.  Each of the bases in the above photos is a fleet of starship cruisers, battleships, tugs, transports etc.  A set of three of these bases is coalesced into a command structure and is given a capital ship or "flag" ship for a player to control.

A unique aspect of this game was a technology tree or matrix of weaponry that you could build into your fleet to personalize the force and also for a fun event against an opponent as you were not supposed to know what the other player had decided to build onto their ships. (The black 1" chits are the weapon arrays.)

It was a resource acquisition game in one scenario but that was not all it could do.  This game's format had a lot of "legs" in that you could replay planetary bombardment games.  You could deep space deploy mechs.  You could have orbital mines defending the approach vectors to your planet.  I used the old push-pull campaign map for the Torin Prime War scenarios but there was a lot that this beautifully written game was capable of.

So I got to play it again after a long absence of  years of it just sitting on my shelf gathering dust.  My friend Ted hosted a game night in which  this game was tabled for our entertainment.  I had given the entire game to Ted.  All the ships, control sheets, background fluff, design notebook the whole shebang.  Ted had always commented that he liked the game and always mentioned that we should play it again as it was good.  Well like many things in this hobby there are too many games and not enough time so now this game will live on in Ted's collection.  Regrets? No.  It served it's purpose for me and I could make another copy in an afternoon.

Thanks for looking in.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Alien Day LV-426

Begin transmission:
The planet LV-426 Atmospheric processor was infested by xenomorphs.  United Americas Colonial Marine Taskforce Sulaco was detailed for a dcut cleaning excercise on planet.

The insertion team would be 1st platoon sqauds 1, 2, 3 (heavy weapons detail with two sentry guns.)
The xeno spawn sites were identified through scanner processing and the place was thick with bugs.  Each spawn site would have to be neutralized to keep the aliens back enough to reach the central control computer.
It was a slog fest of G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T.-ESQUE marine firepower and alien insurgence.

First contact with the xenos was aggressive and 1st squad began to take casualties.
The marine in contact would not survive the encounter from the flaming alien that burst through the wall of fire.
Wave attacks of aliens just keep pouring into the facility.
The atmospheric control center computer needed to be restarted and was in the thickest part of the hive nest.
The Secondhand Lion's wargame club had three members present this year for Alien day.
A massive playset collection was used for the event.

Proving terrain is wysiwyg!
Closing in on the objective.
The queens chamber guard bugs were a little more deliberate in their approach and attack.  But they showed their hand too soon and the final wave attack was shot down with withering fire from the marines.
Last wave attack.
Marines punch through for a win.

"Windows cannot shut down because you have open files.  Would you like to save this data before you restart?"

Thanks for looking in on the blog and Happy Alien Day April 26, 2018.