Friday, August 29, 2014

Post Apocalyptic Kit Bashed Thunder Road Throwdown

The Secondhand Lions faithful brotherhood of war game enthusiast convened at the casa de Conn for a play-test of Axles and Alloys.  Ted has scaled up a 1/64 Hot-wheels version of Thunder Road and we also want to use the kit-bashed cars for other mayhem and destruction games so our club has decided to try out the free available rules called Axles and Alloys.
Let's look in on the rumble and thunder of our first game.  Here we see the good guys in blue trying desperately to secure fuel for the citizens of Summitville.  "Motherload" is the name of our fine community's fuel transport and our escort team of Angels can be seen shepherding the truck around dead man's curve just outside of town.  My task was to get across the table with the fuel.

Rival news agencies were in the air covering the fate of the "Motherload."

Yeah, I got to yell that air horn sound effect each time I moved the big beast.


Three teams of bandit outlaw car gangs came against the Motherload and we lost the truck just a mile outside of town to a huge fireball of flame.  

Here we can see the famed Tall Boy hummer getting ready to catch some serious air.  Tall Boy crewed by Ken VP currently holds the club record for "time aloft" at 10.5.

One of Jon H's buggys head butted my buggy and killed my driver outright.  He got thrown from the roll cage and was just a sack of bones when he hit the desert gravel.

Wow!  Can we play again.  I have a feeling that we might see some individual cars get created from this game set of rules.  It was a great night of friends, beer, and laughs.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Secondhand Lion's Game Night

The Thursday night regulars had a HotT throwdown this week with two battlefields featured.  On table 1 was the Crusades armies with some fantasy elements added.  The Saracen army fielded a flying carpet and a djinn magician.  The Crusader army was pretty historical but had some added heroic elements like a paladin and some relic bearing heroes. 

 On table number 2 was a Roman vs. Gaul scrum reminiscent of the opening scenes from Gladiator the movie.  I think they played pretty historical elements but with 40 point armies.  In fact all armies this evening were expanded to 40 points of Hordes elements.

I really like the look and feel of these Supreme Plastics figures.  They are prepainted rubber 60mm and make for fun to build and great to play armies.  Best part of the hobby is the game, beer, and good friends.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Conn Con Opening Game "Vietnam"

Ted Conn's Annual game day in-house "convention" was held the weekend of August 16.
A full day of gaming that features the local lads gathering and either showing to play or bringing along a game that will get played at some point along the day.  The event usually runs into late in the evening.
I was first out of the gate.

My Vietnam game is a crowd pleaser and has a good level of play-ability at convention like settings.  It was a special request at Conn-Con and I gladly obliged.
So the Vietnam game is a setting where all the players are on one side - USA.  The "game" is a random card drawn setting that produces the encounters that were typical of a Vietnam operational experience for US forces.  The above image shows the battalion entering the valley in helicopters and a vehicle convoy.
Our battalion commander, Jeremy Morrissey also commanded A Company and the Green Beret LRRP team.

Chuck Couch was our Company B commander.
Ted Conn, the convivial convener of Conn-Con commanded Company C. (That might be my favorite sentence I have ever written for this blog.) Pat Chambers was our base security commander with D Company.

Every square section of the table was an encounter area that produces a card draw that is referenced to my written chart of encounters.

This running of the game produced a lot of VC patrols, civilian encounters that needed US aid, a tunnel complex, several mortar teams, and then reinforced North Vietnamese Army Regulars with artillery support.

US firepower wins the day.

Next update: the body count....
Edit:  We continue now with the S3 report for the Conn-con Operation.  US Battalion casualties included 44 infantry fatalities, 1 lost M113 APC, 1 severely damaged APC that would need a recovery vehicle, 2 damaged helicopters.  VC body count was 135 infantry fatalities, two destroyed mortar teams, and 1 damaged truck and destroyed towed artillery piece.  Significant military intelligence included the discovery and destruction of a communications center and tunnel complex near the village of Lam Tri, two groups of civilians detained and moved to redistribution camps, and numerous weapons and food cache discovered in the valley.  US forces will need to do an additional sweep of the valley

Monday, June 30, 2014

100,000 Mark

Pageviews all time history

Thank you one and all who have visited my wargame blog.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Glorious 21st of June Naval Wargaming Outdoors Garden Style and Shrimp Boil

Wow!  What a wonderful weekend of fun.
I have in this blog post the great pleasure to tell the tale of  high seas adventure that occurred in my backyard over this last weekend of the 21st of June.  I annually host a game and breakfast event for my war game buddies.  This year I had to change things up to a mid day wargame with a hamburger and hotdog lunch and then an evening party with a shrimp boil and bonfire.
We called it:
"The Glorious 21st of June"
Scene VI
Off the island of Coatzacos, in which we see the petulant Dwalyn and crew escape the clutches of the vengeful governor. All pictures that follow will expand upon clickage to a wonderous view of the action that unfolded.
Short Captain Dwalyn and Petru maneuver their squadron off the coast of Coatzacos.  The bonsai tree collection represented the island coast from our last adventure.  You can see the idol of _Zod_ if you peer closely.
They would have their day in the sun.
The loyal opposition near their crew arrive on the scene to see the pirates trying to make an excape to the open sea.  Here we see Governor Gwynn Kell Uhll and Leitenant Carlos and below is their squadron of Royal Navy ships.  The Vengeur, Lion, Sabre, & Chum bucket.

Perfectly plotted maneuver would come unstuck in the opening of the contest.

Onboard the Gimlet. Characters from our story arch include Rubidenus Azure, Dwalyn the dwarf, Petru, Anne Bonny, Chun, et al.

Chun demonstrates the efficacy of a bow chaser.

Billy Blue is at the wheel of the Huntress.  Re-victualed and watered and ready to make a hasty escape.

The pirates would also suffer from a few near collisions and maneuver feux pas.

This is me.  Rarely seen in the blog so I had a portrait done especially to mark this occasion.

That handsome chap at the wheel is my character Gwynn Kell Uhll.  The governor of Neptune's Lair and the sacked city of Lion's Port.

And these are my fine ships I am leading to recapture my ship the Hotspur from the pirates.

Come follow me to glory!!

This is where it all went awry.  The pirate ship to my starboard would intercept my ship and savagely cut my crew to ribbons.  They were a horror to behold!

Lt. Carlos ponders how to help as he watches from starboard as my crew is reduced.

The dice tower.

Petru looks on as the fight continues.

Drawing damage chits from Lt. C's ship.

A battle scene.

Counting your 4's, 5's, & 6's.

Chun is leading the boarding party.

Melee in the dice tower.

A view of the firing arc.

Another boarding action begins.  This time the admiralty would capture the Cyprinadae.

Petru looks for inspiration.
Battle scene.

The game is called for lunch.  We toast the admiralty, a few more inches, absent friends, and the health of each captain in turn.

These pirate ships break for the open ocean.

The Vengeur is recaptured and Petru is last seen fighting a cutlass action onboard (to be continued...)

The game was a great half day of activity and fun.  We broke for a grilled lunch and a few beers.  Terry arrived and we all went indoors to play Pirates of the Caribbean table top game.  No photos were made of that action.

Then later that night, the families returned and we had a great shrimp boil zydeco music evening that ended with a bonfire.


Sunday morning medicinals.