Thursday, October 11, 2018

Recruits Convention Report 2018

Welcome to the Penny Whistle kind hobbyist.
Sit back and enjoy a visual tour of my gaming hobby at the local 

Recruits Convention
Lee's Summit High School

Friday night - had to have played some games but the camera was not brought out to record anything.

Saturday AM:
First game I got in was a Jay Wiley original production mashing Flash Gordon and Star Wars together.  I was assigned the heroic group of Star Rangers led by Dash Dixon.  Here is my band of spacefaring good guys.

The game is called Galactic Heroes and is just like the Western Gunfight game that Jay produces from his own publishing company.

My space women taking out some baddy with a boomerang grenade.

Some more space soldiers sneaking up on my position to the left.

Big Gronk my space monkey getting ready to hold the corner of that building against the space marines.

Microwave gunner taking aim at Stella Starchild....

An overhead shot of the Tatoine-esque space port.
Sand storms obscured the area at times and allowed me to make a pretty good dash for the space shuttle.

Mr. Jay Wiley himself presiding over the game.  A true Master Game Master.  Jay always has the top notch storyline to go along with great figures and super playable rules.

The table left of me with two factions of space robots and soldiers.

The table to the right of me with two more factions of space baddies.

Lance Lazer with a pile of dead Microwave Soldiers

Pretty cool game.  I made it to within a move of the shuttle with one droid in tow but was shot down on the gantry way.  When you get the chance to play a Jay Wiley game jump right in and if he is game-mastering it so much the better.  'Round these parts folks ask WWJD?

DBA Tournament

Played Steve and got killed quick.  Lost a general in the most ridiculous tactical mistake and also rolled bad dice.  1's.. However my poor generalship more than made up for lousy die rolling.

Played Terry and again was beaten down with the loss of a general.  This time the die was even but I still persisted in mistakes.

Was glad to see Terry play.  DBA is such a good game.

Played Steve G. and this time I won with audacious General use.

That's me with the parasol.

Terry and the Cavemen

Terry C. and I had been watching this game get set up and decided to give it a try.  It is a home grown Paleolithic world sand box with the victory going to the team of cavemen that can build a temple.  Temples are built with the resources collected through hunter gatherer activities that are all across the board.

Card driven turns meant that you may get to go ahead of a competitor.

Terrain provided chits that had numeric buying power.

The board definitely had advantageous entry points that I would look at in a future replay.

Terry's leader facing off against a herd of wollies.

Me pounding rocks.

Display Game

This was set up just for the fun of it.  I would have run it but it was not in the program and a late set up didn't attract enough player interest.

Most of this was painted by my fifth grade students.

Thanks for looking in on the blog.  Check back often for more toy soldier fun.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Battle Cry Old and New

I brought out the Battle Cry board game for the Monday night crew. Got to play two battles.  We used Pea Ridge as our learning game.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Summer Wargames Camp

Hey Happy Campers.  Summer at Barstow has begun.  I started off the first week with a wargames camp called "Swords and Sandals."  Day one I had four tables going in a junior general sort of way.
Easy peasy rules using 6 sided dice and red chips for casualty count.

One of my repeat students brought the rules I had written from the previous summer and wanted to jump right in where we left off last summer!
A lot of Supreme figures used in this camp.  The students will do some painting tomorrow.

The battle mats are painted cardboard.  I use old house paint in muted colors to get the look.

So after work what is a good way to relax?

Monday Knights HotT Game.
The Humans try and stem the tide of the herd.

I took my beastman army out for a stampede against Mike's human host of knights and vikings.

The herd did alright and we won the event.  I credit blades selection for my army units and some nice die rolling.  
My Hero-general Centaur-minotaur ruled the hilltop.  I killed both generals from each enemy faction and just had a rousing time with the magic users and all the weird stuff that HotT lets you use.

Mike's knights made some inroads on the flank but I did not wait on the hill - I swept down into the valley and made a good attack.

Super attractive band of viking warriors.  Steve commanded them valiantly against Chris but the herd would not yield in its' stampede.

My shaman magic user got in some good hits.  Allied by my fliers they took out the visiting team cleric.

Shaman started looking a little ensourceled as I had one magic missile failure.

Thanks for looking in.  Leave a comment for encouragement.  Enjoy your dice rolling.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Monday Knights

A triple D B A Game featuring Seleucids  versus Ptolemaic.  A great forest of pike gathered Monday at M. Sanderson's house for a triple DBA fielding of the collection of S. Gross fantastic miniatures.
Above image: two of the three Ptolemaic commanders marshaling their forces across the quite open battlefield.  The left flank had a river but neither force deigned to use it strategically.

My command above.  Seleucid pike and elephants with a knight general.
Elephant selfie.

A view towards the left.  S. Gross would succumb to the Ptolemaic power first and our left flank failed.  Then the right flank general under C. Wilkowski would also fail sending that flank into a drudging army. 

My center force crashed into M. Sanderson's force and we had a grinder of a battle in the middle using all the tricks in the book to try and decide the game.  In the end it would be the Ptolemaic forces that controlled Syria and the fertile grain basket of the middle east.
My general knight stand.

The most promising fighting that took place on our right flank Against C. Southard.

The end game.  I took out the opposing general but had demoralized my forces by losing more than four stands.