Saturday, November 28, 2015

Summer of 1135 DBA Angevin Campaign

The summer of 1135 is heating up and we have at least two battles as of the penning of this chronicle.
Duke Sanderson has marched on Toulouse and attacked Duke John.  The battle outside of Toulouse could have gone either way.

Duke John's demesne under attack once again.  The fields of Toulouse are scattered with bones.
Four actions were fought and the randomizer has picked result number one. (See BGG.)
The city holds and the attacker has lost  a crossbow a spear, psiloi and horde.  The defender has paid dearly with the loss of two knight stands.

I will announce this on our email thread and see you all Monday night.

I hope your feasting hall was filled with good cheer and family this holiday weekend.  I for one have played a lot of DBA which was my intent for this campaign.

Up next the attack on Avranches!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Angevin Campaign 1135

A great night of DBA was had at M. Sanderson's gaming table.  We had five players table side to push some lead and talk of the campaign.   The spring move of 1135 is in the record book and we had the battle of Toulouse.  Wherein Duke John of Bayonne did offer field battle to the invading force of Duke Ted.  
Duke John lost one stand of knights and killed the opposing general and two stands of his knights.

A well fought set of outcomes and the city of Toulouse is safe for the spring.

A well fought battle involving two feudal armies from the campaign.

Some solo DBA to establish a catalog of results for the outcomes of map moves.

Thanks for looking in.  Next up the summer of 1135.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Dwarves in the Attic

The second Secondhand Lions Halloween game occurred this last Thursday.  Terry, an LDO (Lion's Den Original) has adopted the game Heroquest as an annual event for our gaming group.  Like all of us wargamers, Terry felt the desire and lure of building a 3D immersive environment for a dungeon crawl and so he tried his hand.
With a great sense of humor and no small respect for the task  Terry learned of all the variables a modeler will encounter in this  endeavor.
Secondhand Lions Present:
The Dungeon tied in to the last undead skeleton game where the leader of the Empire went impetuous and got himself killed.  And there is this book that if you can get it you will shore up the Empire's fight against the spawning undead - thingy.

Enter at your peril.

What we are looking at is foam core artfully covered in laser printed stone pattern paper.  

Truly a monumental building environment to explore and navigate and kill things.

Working doors that plug in to the door frame of the wall.  

 Top down 3D environment with accouterments from the original Heroquest board-game.  

 And odd bits of rpg gaming ephemera.

And then maths happened.

That's me.  The little dwarf thief exploring parts of the cavern where only I could fit.  The hallway dimensions were pretty cramped.

When we could no longer fit we went over the top.

And so we all had a good laugh about dwarves in the attic.

Using the plug doors we surfed over the map and carried on in stout gamer fashion.
We had a great laugh over the skeletons acting as the crew and soldiers from the movie Aliens.  "We've got life forms! 8 meters, 7 meters,6, 5, 4 - That can't be right that's inside the room..." You know the rest of the shtick.

And so we killed stuff.  Some of which was already dead.

And we explored rooms and got treasure.

I got a 300gp monkey statue.

We found the book described as our "target" treasure item.  There was some movie reference that I didn't get that was the clue to the ability to lift this off the table unharmed.  The elf ran off with the book leaving me puzzling over two of the three clues needed to solve this puzzle.

There was a keen-o hidden door behind the fireplace that we all did a fighting retreat through. 

The book of the dead Necromicon cliff note version - thingy.

Sweet surprise of the night was a splendid java stout as pictured above.  Wonderful beer that I will look for in my grown up candy store.

What was no surprise was the evening of camaraderie with the very best sort of friends.

Monday, October 26, 2015

God and His Saints are Asleep

DBA Feudal Wargame Campaign set in the Angevin Empire

The story begins...

Stay tuned for more information and battle action in the opening moves of the campaign.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Secondhand Lion's Halloween Themed Bone Bash

The Undead army made it's table debut in the Lion's Den last Thursday.  We had the faithful four tableside for some bone bashing Hordes of the Things action.

Jon and Terry fielded the Empire army.  We were at nearly 4 armies in points, I don't recall the exact figure count but it was an epic big battle.

A lot of these were painted by Nick W.  He wasn't able to make the game but his figures fought valiantly on in his absence.

The ghouls lumber forward as a horde.

The skeleton warband in fine fighting form.

A repurposed Heroscape dragon made an appearance.

'Scape on 'scape action two aerial elements clash on the right flank.

Nice close up of the warband.

Phone pic of the full table.

The Undead army won.  The Empire overlord went impetuous and thought to capitalize on a flank attack on the dead dragon.  The risk was that he was caught behind enemy lines and killed.

Carl L. fought as my flank commander and lead the zombies into some pretty surprising action against mounted knights.  No one expected them to fare as well as they did but the dice were on the zombie side.

After action fight with the fall of the Empire commander.  The fight took place top left near the large bone dragon and blade unit.

The zombies assault through wood and valley.  Some unpainted minis were needed to balance the huge skeleton army.  We were playing at the very bursting seams of the collection.

The corps cart served as the undead camp.  It was immobile and would cause our loss if it were captured.  It seemed about mid game the the aerials of the empire side were making a foray into that very tactic but the leader died too soon.

Sic 'em boys.

Thanks for looking in on the blog.  Leave a comment for the encouragement of others.