Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Yom Kippur War in 3MM

Israeli drive on the Suez Canal 1973.

My forces  for the game using Pz8 Modern Rules.

A column of Centurions advance up the road.  Engineers in tow.

Israeli right flank on open desert.

Air support.

Command post and Battalion HQ.

Pico amor M60A1.

Egyptian defenders and the Suez canal.

My lead tanks take incoming artillery fire.

Air support.

At the end of the fighting my tank battalion on a rise shy of our objective.  We awaited reinforcements before pushing on to the canal.

The small city/hamlet on our side of the canal was the objective.

Friday, October 4, 2019


Got to play two back to back games that featured Car-Nage!!
The first game drew me in with a very appealing table on a printed commercial map called "The Junk Yard."  The rules were GASLAND.  

The two images show my cars that I picked to drive in the game.  There was some objective markers that were added to the map and we were to drive over them and "arcade style" pick them up and add the weapon system to our car instantly and get to utilize them in the game.

The big picture.

I liked the layout and the vehicles a lot and thought the movement templates were a good idea.  I did not like the rules.  My car did not move over 12" in the entire event.  I did get to shoot the weapons and involve myself in some of the mayhem but it was not a satisfying game if I were to be driving a car.

Here is another vehicle from the game.  Super cool and enticing but I will not become a Gasland gamer.


This is the second game I played and I have a lot of experience with this one so I am a little biased.

In this tabletop smash 'em up car game I got to drive a super fast car with a machine gun on top.  I drove in a series of turns that appeared to be a car driving an obstacle course. Many many feet of distance were covered on the table.  

I do like this game and will continue to play.  I do not like the loss of control rules in this game and if I ever umpired a game would make several changes to the rules.
1. Movement templates.
2. Cars mounted to 1.5 x 3" cardstock.
3. Better reaction to loss of control direction die.
4. Better Chance to hit based on comparative speed not just speed.

Axles and Alloys is the better game for me.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

LEGO Star Wars

Summer camp fun in LEGO Star Wars.

Card driven turn order and D6 based Clone Wars action.  

Droids advance through a clone held town.

Ancient droid technology is hidden in the ruins.

Commander Grievous leads his troops down the main street.

Blue squad took a right flank position in some ruins and sniped at the droids.  The base that the minifig is attached to also contained their hit points. Blue is armor, green is mobility, and red is firepower.  Once all three are pipped off then the minifig is dead.

Battle droids turnn attention to the right flank and send a large reaction force.

The battle of the "lone clone", dying in a forsaken dirt clod in the universe.  Overpowered by droids and down to his last hit point.

Earlier in the action you can see the medibot with extra hit points in the lowest foreground.

Summer means LEGOS for me.

Thanks for looking in on the blog.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Sumer Knights

My latest DBA army.  Bedouins.  These are to be used in our Sumerian campaign game. 

Playing at Mike's new house.

The full compliment of players were able to come out and do some DBA gaming.

I tried my hand at doing a cork painted 2'x2' table.  

Two Sumerian armies battle it out.  Played twice and got a 1 win, 1 loss result.

Steve's super cool city gate camp!

Heavy chariot general.

Bedouins vs. later Sumerians.

Thanks for looking in on the blog.