Monday, April 14, 2014

MACT* of Mechs Culling the Herd

When is it too much?
I have been in need of a shakedown parade formation so over the weekend I poured all my Mechwarrior stuff onto the game table and assessed need, want, space limits and culled the herd.

Take a walk around the 6' x 8' table with me and see four of my Mechwarrior Dark Ages armies.  Above is Swordsworn.  Mechs, tanks, infantry and air support.
Dragon's Fury Mechs, tanks, infantry, air support....

Highlander Mechs, tanks, infantry and air support.

Clan Spirit Cats.  Yet to be unboxed.  They are in the image below as well.
BOOM.  Okay I have a problem.
This is the cutting floor box.
* Metric Ass Crap Ton ( a rude judgement of measurement when there is a lot.)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Defilade! DEFILADE! Who said anything about Defilade? Mechwarrior Action on Proserpina

Definition of DEFILADE

:  to arrange (fortifications) so as to protect the lines from frontal or enfilading fire and the interior from fire from above or behind
— defilade noun
Can a 80 ton mech use terrain, movement, and intention to provide a defensive bonus?  Hell, I don't know but on Proserpina in 3057, in a toe to toe major battle in our campaign, they sure tried.  
An aerial view of the Pridetown on the morning that hostilities break out.

The Draconis Combine (House Kurita) rules with an iron fist. Dirt poor people scratch out meager existences by foraging in the 'Dead Zones' and finding lost tech or anything else of value. The populace rails silently against the oppressive Draconis regime. The Highlanders, a collection of mercenaries, aim to throw off Kurita’s yoke and return Proserpina to its original ‘glory’.

Situation:Kurita’s iron grip on Proserpina is challenged. Pride Town has been attacked repeatedly by growing forces of insurgent mechs and equipment.  The dragon has awakened and the "wrath of the people," 9th Benjamin Regulars are operating at peak efficiency.
Planetary Info

Proserpina was one of the Core Worlds housing heavy industry companies such as Guided Technologies and Bulldog Enterprises. These factories, and many others, exploited the petrochemical and mineral resources of the planet directly and refined metals from the ores in the world were shipped to many other planets. After the fall of the Star League the world faced nearly constant raids by the Federated Suns. During one of these raids the defending DCMS forces used a nerve gas to destroy the invaders. As a result the planet's surface is mostly poisonous after combat during the Succession Wars; In fact two of it's five continents (Amerigo and Greater Harpago)[9] are totally uninhabitable. In 3066, despite the years that have passed since the wars both the air and water on planet surface are still contaminated. Yet the rich minerals of the planet and well developed industry bring prosperity to it's inhabitants, even if they do need to wear environmental suits and breathing masks.[10]

The location of Proserpina on the Federated Suns border insures that the DCMS has kept a strong defensive force in place on the world, as well as establishing an extensive network of refit and rearm points for defending troops. In addition to the military forces on world, the planet also hosts the University of Proserpina, a military academy that has consistently turned out high-quality graduates for the DCMS.[9]  From Sarna Net

The graduates were out in full force this battle.  The Kuritan force won the engagement quite handily and forced the insurgents to slink back into the hostile forbidden zone.  Action photos provided by PRSPNN follow.  Click images for a Heads UP Display.

Rebel Attack.  In a western gunfight fashion from old terra, the assault lance of the rebels marched down main street of Pride Town ready to go toe to toe with the dragon.  We pressed into service the WW2 D6 rewrite that I had done to  bring a very simplified game mechanics to our sci fi game.  In reality the game was huge and the game mechanic of defilade defensive positioning came under tight scrutiny.  By giving up maneuverability the playing piece could adopt a defensive terrain advantage broadly described as defilade.  We gave this option to all units in the game and it met with pretty high criticism.  (I don't know, having never actually piloted a 80 ton mech.)  Here is the AAR photo album.  Enjoy.

The scree and whine of high powered hover craft is one of my favorite mechwarrior attributes.

My medium lance of Centurion meet and greet with overwhelming dragon firepower.

Herky bird makes a bonsai attack.

Look at all that damage!

Finished as a flaming wreck.

Well that is one soldiers view of the battle.  This game was so huge that I couldn't get all the images in from my perspective.  I manned the extreme right flank of the rebel assault and cannot even begin to describe what happened on the far left flank.  All I know is that the IFF blips on my display kept blinking out and visual confirmation from that third of the battlefield revealed columns of black sooty smoke rising into the air.

Highlanders retreat into the wasteland.........

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

D6 Mechwarrior

Hello fellow mech jocks. Click this link for D6 Mechwarrior is my reworking of what to do with a MACT of clix all ready to rumble.  I wrote a D6 WWII rules set years ago that is based quite obviously on the lowly 6 sided die.  in that game the algorithm of quality is an ascending scale of numerical values from infantry up  through the mighty mighty heavy tank/read =assault mech. So in a re-theme of the old mechanic I want to try this out with all my sci-fi mechwarrior clix.

In this rules set you roll 1D6 for every firepower assigned to the playing piece times the number of hit points bought to create the unit.  Take a look.  Stat up your battlemechs and hit the table.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

MINI MECH v1.3 By Rothgar

 Odd Monday
 Begin Transmission: Proserpina

Mechwarrior action detected in Amerigo Prefecture.  Fly over images coming in now on the viewfinder.  Click images for IFF threat identification.
Image 1
This prefecture was considered long inactive but through an agent code named as ROTHGAR certain mechs and vehicles went active all of a sudden.  Intel is blaming this active post on TMP.  Agent ROTHGAR leaked public documents that led to the complete garage turmoil and unearthing of Mechwarrior units long thought to be moth-balled in storage.  It looks like Proserpina is quite active again.
 Image 2
IFF identified Kuritan Mechs of the 9th Benjamin Regulars in open contact with Highlander rebel units.  Again most confirmed sources attribute this renewed hostility to this document  Mini-Mech.  Click on the hotlinks to access all of the files....
 Image 3
Total Chaos in the prefecture.  Highlander units have taken over a major city on Amerigo.


Kuritan Counter attack.  Fought with a M.A.C.T.  of mechwarrior clix.  Big action.  Fast combat.  
Mechy feel. That's Mini-Mech v1.3.  I bragged these rules up to a gaming friend Mr. C.  On Odd Monday he and I would have another test drive of the game.  Once more the streets of Proserpina are awash in the glow of PPC fire and the staccato rhytm of the auto-cannon.
Take the high ground.

The fight at the MILK refinery.

After action pixel.

Endgame foolhardiness.  An assault mech goes for broke.

The printed evidence of agent ROTHGAR's work.

In the two games both lasted close to two hours.  The games featured combined arms of Infantry, Aircraft, Tanks, and Mechs.  48 units total divided into a mech company with supporting infantry platoons and tank lance.  I like a lot of Mini-Mech v.1.3.  The first game had a lot of maneuver that caused gambles with heat.  The second didn't get to portray that as much.  I will be tinkering with this set and will maybe align it with my old WWII rules called D-6.  I like the D6 die mechanism and have used it before.  Thanks for looking in on the blog and check back for more mechtacula action. 

Mini-Mech v1.3 is written by Sean Conlon and is available through the links in the text.
Thanks Sean for a pretty cool set of rules.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hordes in the Trenches II

Odd Monday

Well fellow wargamer, we find ourselves tableside once more at the Secondhand Lion's Odd Monday game night (maybe this will become a regular thing.)  This evening's game is Hordes in the Trenches variant on the Hordes rules set.  Once more the Allies on the Canadian front would be going over the top in a big push to take some real estate from the German defenders.
Let's take a look. (click pixels for a tableside view.)
Here we are with the Canadian HQ stand as we await the predawn push.
The view across no man's land.
Canadian force: 24 points of Rifles with 1 Barrage and 1 Machinegun stand in support.  This would be an infantry regimental push.   
"Omaha"  the commander calls an audible as we go for a strong right wing flank maneuver.  The men assemble for the jump off point and anxiously await the pounding of the artillery barrage.  We advance into the rough terrain and the German wire entanglements. 

The Germans wait in anticipation. 
German Force 24 points of Rifles, with 3 Machine Gun and 1 Gas in the mix.

The view of the German's Line.
KABLAM!  The barrage arrives like the god of thunder and silences the first machine gun nest.
Our lads cheer and throw themselves into and through the wire entanglements.
Aw Boche!  They're gassing us!!  Help run.

Thwpppt!  The gas tastes horrible and melts our machine gunners in place!  Damn!


Our lads are at the trench line and have advanced into heavy infantry fire.  Our barrage has worked just as planned and eliminated the heavier weapons of the Germans.
Near game end we see the Canadians massing for a column assault that didn't really give the desired results.

What now?  Another machine gun for the barrage.  Got it!

Germans try and close the door on our boys.  We turn and give them what for eh.
Game ender.  Germans 13 points Canadians 11.

Questions we have. 
1. Should the barrage be considered in contact with the troops it effects and get the "quick kill" on Machine guns?

 2. Are trenches bad going for the troops attacking them in column thus negating the support bonus?

3. Is gas counted as VP when it is removed due to use?

Love the game and love the look of a simple little WWI set up.
Can't wait to buy my next 24 point force and take another 1000 yards


Friday, March 7, 2014

Hordes in the Trenches

Secondhand Lions Go "Over the Top" in 

Hordes in the Trenches

Welcome fellow wargamer to the table-side chat of the Secondhand Lion's Thursday night game of World War One.  We used 1/72 scale WW1 minis and the great rules variant for Hordes of the Things set in the time of the Great War.  Listen to the skies overhead and hear the drum of aerial engines as the brave soldiers eye deep in hell look to the front and the mist to see if there is an attack.  The above image shows Field Marshal Van Pelt's quadrant of the front.  The German command had anchored in this trench awaiting a push by the Canadians across no man's land.  

In the distance feint shapes emerge as the Canadians advance.

The command bunker calls in coordinates for a barrage.  The right flank is held by field marshal Haworth.  His artillery is exploding in fury as the mechanical clank of a tank can be heard approaching our trench.

A roar of men shouting and machine gun fire announces the advance of general Wilkowski's force.

General Carr takes the high ground.  A wary commander that wanted to see the effect of the newfangled tank contraption would watch this fight from the heights of hill number 1.  The wires were abuzz with none too complimentary comments back to headquarters about the unreliability of the beast to lumber forward and cause all the claimed destruction.

A view from the cockpit of the Fokker.  Poor bastards are getting gassed down there in the trenches.  You could always tell by that color of smoke...

The assault washes against the trench line like a bloody tide.  This would not be the day that the Germans gave up one foot of ground.

A fly by near the command bunker...

Hold the line boys.  Here we have a rifle company and a sturmtruppe with air support stopping the Canadian advance.

A view from the other side.

The trench seemed a tough nut to crack.  Even with only 1/6 of the wire emplacements.

The Canadian general sounds the retreat call.  Victory for the Germans.

The figures in today's blog are part of the collection of Ken Van Pelt.  The rules were Hordes in the Trenches variant for Hordes of the Things.  We had a  fun evening of sorting out how this game works and what we want it to look and play like.

Cheers.  Clicking images will make them viewable