Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Highway of Death Proserpina 3057

Critical connections have been made in Pridetown. The exodus of the faithful has begun in earnest. The Dragon has been caught sleeping. Here on Proserpina eons of suffering will be erased by the desert winds.

Mass vehicular traffic clogs route B out of Pridetown. All through the night civilian vehicles have created a dust cloud of anticipation into freedom and a new life across the desert.

Known as the "exodus" our rebel brothers and sisters have formed a caravan of innocent civilian vehicles loaded with the essentials for a new life in a reclaimed land.

.....every flight to freedom has it's pillar of fire and it was no different in this event. The Dragon awoke to send angels of death on our peaceful exit.

Jump troop infantry fall from the sky as VTOL traffic buzzes like an un-holy wind above our people.

David faces his own goliath as our soldiers in their newly born suits of holy armor face the wind of chaos from the Dragon lair.

I remember the noise of the VTOLS mostly...and the screams of our innocent. We escaped that night into the desert and created a new land of promise some of our band paid the price of this freedom and some of the Dragon lost a few teeth.

They preyed like vultures on our innocent caravan.

Pouring out of the Dragon lair and into our chance of freedom. We fought that night and half into the next day to secure a place far from the Kurita yoke.

to be continued.......

Call to Honor Mechwarrior Rules,

Mechwarrior Clix

and a new lease on an old game system.

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