Monday, March 28, 2011

Recruits After Action Report

Rode into Recruits convention March 24, 25, 2011 on a Friday evening and got to play in the DBA Chariot Wars Tournament. I tied for 2nd place in a great four game round robin tourney. The army I was using is owned by Steve Gross and was painted by him. Lch General and his Cv bodyguard charge impetuously into the only defeat I had that night!! I let my general stand get shot three times in the back but I had pushed and defeated two stands of enemy - light horse and knights. Would have been decisive because I had turned the flank until the bowmen finally scored a hit on my general!! The Trojans on the right are beating the Asian bow army on the left. This battle gave the lead to the Trojans. Here we see an overhead view of my Gallic army defeating the Trojans.

This victory came down to a die roll that went my way. Those hephalumps should have sealed my fate.

The big Clockwork Century American Civil War game set in the blakanized US was my entry into the convention program. I used my 5mm ACW and Steampunk collection to portray the 1880 battle of Nouvelle Orleans. This envisions an ongoing North American War that pitted the Republic of Texas and the Confederate Nation against the New France, Union and German allied contingent. The game featured landship Ironclads, Aeronefs, and steam tanks of every description.

This aerial view is courtesy of the Fleur di Lis airship. Well below we can see a knot of aeronefs engaged in a swift gun duel fight high above German walker steamtanks. The infantry trudge nearby as the mechanized monsters beat at each other...

Circling behind this fight we have descended for a better view of the German Mechanics.

Here we have an image of the Texan "Wall of Steel" as it plows earth and opposition in it's move toward the Union lines.

A pinnacle point in the battle was the slugfest that occurred between the "Star of the West" landship and the "City of Texas" landship. The 9th Illinois Blackhawks infantry regiment assailed the Texas in a boarding action and eliminated all crew and guns in a desperately hard fought battle. The Aeronef descended and retrieved the commander of the Texas and his immediate body guard before the infantry could lay hands on him.

Here we witness the Steamship Betty plowing through French infantry formations the aeronef bombards and the landship Flambeau fires its weapons but the large black Betty plows on unmercifully.

This was a fun game with a lot of cheering the die rolls and cursing the unlucky turn of the die.

5mm GASLIGHT based Landship Ironclads game.

I had a chance to command an army of gnomes in a Splintered Light game demo. David McBride was giving introductory Mighty Armies demonstrations and had a variety of armies to test out. I chose gnomes as my forces and clobbered the behebus out of the goblins!

Way cool minis and a great demonstration game. Thanks to David and Splintered Light Minis.

Death in "Tedrock"

This western town just blew into existence like a tumble weed from the creative hands of one Secondhand Lion - Ted Conn. 10 player gunfight scenario that had a keen interest and played well through mid day.

Sneaking and shooting.

The Deadrock Bank.

Got your back.

Omnipotent god save me from a sucking chest wound!

We here at the Penny Whistle anticipate a full after action report soon on the scenario and story of the shoot out in Deadrock.

High above the action in the sky over Lee's Summit.

What a great convention this last weekend (March 25-26, 2011) I got to play in a number of games, spend money on a bundle of new toys and visit with old friends and new. Here are some images from Aaron Lococo's Aerodrome game. I had 1 victory over what I was told was a very skilled pilot! I am the blue and white pfalz in the background flying toward my kill in the red SE5a. This game was later Saturday evening and was very fun.

The ground troops view of the circus.

View from the CAP.

Tip my wing and head home.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Ken, I'll be there next time for the whole con and will have to give your game a shot.