Friday, March 11, 2011

Renewed Hostilities Battle of Nouvelle Orleans

In the Clockwork Century war continued at a mechanical pace in North America. Nations from around the globe found cause and means to enter into the civil war that raged across the continent. In New France a defensive stand by the colonial regulars repulsed the Confederate - Texan attack. Renewed hostilities included an influx of Prussian and Northern German Confederation attacks with clockwork walker tanks and Aeronefs. Again the French and pro Unionist forces prevailed. We take you now to images obtained through the steam pixelation device on board the Fleur d lis.

From the battle of Nouvelle Orleans, here we see Prussina clockwerk tanks approaching a Union column of cavalry supported by field artillery.

View from behind the walker looking west toward Union lines.

Aerial view of the conflict. Clicking images will make them easier to see.

A final view of the battlefield. After action report would include a heavy butchers bill for the Confederates. The lost landship Ironclads could not be definitely secured and the night was spent by roving bands of belligerents trying to pry technology from the fires of battle.


  1. I admire (with a certain amount of envy) your very creative approach to wargaming. Wonderful stuff!