Saturday, March 5, 2011

Victorian Science Fiction in 5mm Battle of La Nouvelle-Orleans

The Secondhand Lions wargmers played a Victorian Science Fiction game last Thursday featuring my complete scratchbuilt 5mm ACW armies with the addition of my newly built steam tanks and Ironclad Landships.
All forces on the table represented armies from an alternate past that has the American civil war lasting well into the 1880's. Inspiration for this game world came from two sources that I want to develop into our club's backstory for further games in this genre. Internet googling for alternate U.S. history timelines produced two quick results of immediate interest.
I point you to the following linkage:
This point of departure has the separatists winning each conflict that occurred in the U.S. development. I like this map a lot and will probably make a Victorian "aged" adventure map from this information.
The second backstory thread comes from the literature works of Cherie Priest:
The Clockwork Century is an alternate history filled with the full stock of mechanical, biological, and fictitious toy box trade items that wargamers love to model and game with in this genre.

Aerial photography of the battle was obtained by the airship Fleur-di-lis, and includes descriptive high points of the action. Sailing from the aerodrome in La Nouvelle-Orléans our tour of the battlefield will be seen from behind the French lines and looking north to the oncoming Confederate and Texan combined force. The French forces of Louisiana posted a defensive line across the main road into La Nouvelle-Orleans. French allies included the United States Federal force from Missouri. They were expected to arrive from the western flank and hit the attack column approaching the front lines.

Image is oriented as standard compass points. We are looking North. Federal forces with one landship and a handful of steam tanks approaches from the west. Texan TLS "Alamo" is seen upper right.

Contact and desparate fighting in the wooded area Confed/Texan vs. Union. At the bottom of the image we see the Confederate Landship plow through the French lines. The French landship pummels it with high explosives.

View looking west, above French lines at the Union Landship "Western Star"

An after action pixel of the CLS Black Betty as she rests in her demise, steam pouring out of large holes shot through from the French Ironclad, "Flambeau". As the "Fleur-di-lis" landed to take these pictures it was reckoned that the French/Union forces had held the cross roads and main line of approach was secure for the evening. Renewed action is fully expected along these coordinates and the Aeronefs have been put on alert. In our next action we fully expect to see the land Terrines reinforced by Aeronauts.