Monday, May 17, 2010

Zulu Wars 54mm Greenwood Mission Attack Pongola River Region

On May 16th, 17th, and 18th, 1879 the 12th Regiment of Foot (nearly half as good as the 24th), garrisoned Greenwood Station in the Pongola river region. Two platoons of infantry under the competent command of Lt. Dewey Wright withstood 4 separate attacks by Zulu tribal clans.
This scene portrays the overall view of the area surrounding Greenwood Station. Lt. Wright and color Sergeant Holtmeyer can be seen in the center of the compound directing the defense. This view looks directly south with First Platoon manning the western perimeter and 2nd platoon defending the eastern wall. If the kind viewer will picture in his mind the standard map depiction of the mission with north at the top of the map the action commenced with the rolling of 1D6 and the clans of tribesmen assigning themselves to entry points along the eastern and western map edge numbered 1,2,3 eastern edge and 4,5,6 western edge.

Morning of the 16th. First Wave assault would prove to be the big push as four clans descended on the mission garrison. Attacking from sections 1, 5, 6.

The attack coming from the western edge three clans strong.

The single clan attacking in stealth from the northeast.

Aftermanth of wave one. Seven soldiers incapacitated and one walking wounded. Pvt. Tripoli is wounded but fit for service.

Wave two can be seen poised for the assault.
May 17th. Wave two begins. Attacks come simultaneous from the west and east.
North is the right map edge. Map is oriented west at top.

The desperate gamble. Lieutenant Wright decides to bring full fire power onto one clan and then about face and hit the second attacking clan.

Look out their behind you.

Wave two saw the most agressive hand to hand.
"At one hundred yards; volley fire. Front rank fire! Second rank Fire!!

Initiative rolls allowed the puma clan to close with the converged 1st and 2nd platoon defenders.

Color Seargent Holtmeyer falls and recieves his first of many mortal wounds.

Brutal hand to hand fighting had the 12th Reg. winning but unable to break from the continued reinforcement of the assault. Abismal shooting in one bound could have pulled their biscuits from the fire but was to no avail.....

Second wave created 4 more walking wounded and 3 incapacitated and reporting to the infirmary.

The dead lay in piles.

The wounded in the hospital.

Pvt. Stuckey was pulled from a pile of dead zulu and added to the walking wounded.

Third wave was a half hearted attack from a single clan. Converged firepower kept them from even closing to hand to hand.

Fourth wave was a final single clan attack and again - firepower kept the enemy from closing to hand to hand.

GASLIGHT rules. Homemade figgys.

End of action.
Greenwood Station will post it's wounded and KIA list.
Seargent Holtmeyer, color guard, KIA
1st Platoon 12th Foot
Pvt. M Ashley KIA
Pvt. A Bowen KIA
Pvt. A Fisher KIA
2nd Platoon 12th Foot
Pvt. M. Johnson wounded
Pvt. Reinhardt KIA
Pvt. R. Tapson wounded
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  1. I loved it. Very entertaining. Thanks.

  2. An excellent report . . . and a very brave defense of the Station.

    -- Jeff