Monday, June 14, 2010

World War I Aircraft Made from Clothespins

This craft is very popular and I would like to be able to send the plans for this to your email as a PDF.  If you want a copy of the plans for both of these aircraft please email: kenneth_vanpelt AT This offer is valid as of 2016.
I am charging a nominal fee to help with the purchase of more craft sticks. If you use paypal to send me $6.00 I will send you a PDF or power-point that shows detailed instructions with all measurements and materials list for the WWI aircraft below.

Ready for action. The planes are made from clothespins. Two different styles - square pin and round. Wings are made from large flat Popsicle sticks cut to pattern. Machine-guns are from dowel.

Pilot is a plastic bead glued to a card-stock hole-punch. Decals are made from mailing label and some art copied off of the internet.

All aircraft were glued together quickly with a hot glue gun and the whole batch was built at one sitting.

My flying rules are in the image and you can see the simplicity of the game if you enlarge.



  1. Those are very cool. I have a lot of painted 1/144th "Red Eagle" planes however, so I'll leave the clothespins to you for now.

    -- Jeff

  2. Good heavens! It shows what talent and application can make out of the most unlikely materials. I've been tinkering with ideas for an DH2 and may look into your method.

  3. Hello Gamers,
    I am going to be running a game on Saturday June 19th during the day.
    Dawn Patrol (in my back yard)

    Time: 9:00 AM -12:00 Noon, Break for lunch and then depending on interest maybe some more gaming in the afternoon. (There is a game night in Lee's Summit at the High School.)

    Rules: Box-Kites WWI Aircraft

    Scale: 1/48 scale homemade aircraft The game uses airplanes mounted on sticks stuck in the ground and we maneuver using a plotting sheet and a yardstick.

    Very old school wargame rules, figures, and game.

    Up to 16 players at any one time. Players shot down will make room for players walking on.

    Bring a bag chair, beverages, and a fun attitude.
    A second running of the game will be scheduled for July 4th at dawn.
    Kenneth Van Pelt

    Pixels of the aircraft models on my BLOG

    Game Location:
    Secondhand Lions Game Club
    Greenwood, MO

    email RSVP highly encouraged, Mapquest your directions and, Rain cancels the event.

  4. I found your blog while looking for ideas for craft projects made with popsicle sticks. Your miniature replicas are amazing. I took a spin off of your airplane idea and made a (very) simple airplane ornament out of it. I'm linking back to your blog so folks can see what you are making. I'd be honored if you would stop by Popsicle Stick Ornaments.

    Paige aka puzzlemaker

  5. I have to admit i love those planes! very awesome! So down to the craft store i go.......