Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Angevin Campaign Fall of 1138

Getting in some much needed gaming at the summer camp.  This is Ted.  He is a co-worker, friend that I wargame with all the time.  Ted is playing the opponent in the DBA email campaign game for the battle at Avranches in the Angevin game.
Game one.  My die rolling fails me today miserably. 

Baron Kenneth at the bottom of the map facing Baron Brian at the top.  With allied contingent from Baron Ryan.

Game One.

Pushing the spear.  If I can just crack the line it will be all downhill for the spear.

King Killer.  Ted doubled the general in game one.

Game two.

Knight general smack-down.

Game three. Baron Kenneth goes wide left.  ?!

7 to 5 in a general cannot retreat situation.  And boom, just like that three battles won for Baron Brian.

...and the story continues.  Winter of 1138.

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