Monday, December 3, 2012


........begin transmission.................

The Kuritan commander smiled thinly to himself. Those Separatist bastards were doomed.

When the report came through that a recon patrol had uncovered a base on the fringe of the Dead Zone, he thought it was too good to be true. Still, he had questions.

Video feeds from the patrol showed clusters of buildings and definite organization, but what were they up to? The patrol reported encountering a small force of one light and one medium Mech...hardly a sizable defense force. The fact that they kept the patrol from seeing anything of import by rushing to the attack said that they were hiding something. Surely there was more to this tale. Where were the people? The infantry and tanks? No, something didn't add up.

He sighed. It wouldn't matter much longer. Kuritan High Command, upon hearing of the base, had ordered a tactical strike of the area via orbital bombardment. Whatever the Separatists had built would be slag and ash come dawn.

..........Proserpina, Kuritan controlled Amerigo 3057....

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