Friday, December 28, 2012

Supreme Afternoon of HotT Gaming

I have been collecting the Supreme Brand Bag-o-figs from Hobby Lobby.  They come in a variety of epochs and are prepainted in a rough fashion.  What they've got going for them is durability and cheapness.  I am not oppossed to building a quick army for under $50 that I don't have to paint and can while away an afternoon bashin about on the gaming table.  What follows is a solo game using Hordes of the Things rules and two 48 point fantasy armies based on ancient Egypt and ancient Greece.  Double click the images for close up views.  The howdah are scratchbuilt.  The game is still on the table...

Go figure.  Not a single chariot in the Egyptian sets.  So these are my Numidian light cavalry classified as riders in HotT.  I am waiting until Hobby Lobby gets the Saracens with camels in the bagged sets.  I saw the bucket of Crusaders, Knights, Saracens but didn't want to go $22 for just four camels and I already have all the crusaders and knight figures.


  1. Wow! If that is what straight out of the bag looks like, that is pretty good!

  2. Egyptians are SOOTB! Greeks have had their spears replaced with floral wire. Elephants are WalMart animals with scratchbuilt howdah.

  3. Prepainted and cheap - if only all toy soldiers could come like that!
    Best wishes, Brian

  4. Kenneth,

    Toy Soldier Depot (AKA Dusty Loft) sells chariots, possibly made by the same company:

    Gerardo is a great guy to deal with.

    Hope this helps...

    Chris Johnson

  5. Here is another set Gerardo carries. One does not often find a chariot and a cannon in the same set. Obviously a little-known period of history:

    CJ again

    1. CJ,
      Thanks for the links. I am searching the Hobby Lobby bags to see if these are in some of the other bag kits.