Tuesday, December 18, 2012



"Sum of these Beaches can get hot!"

In which we see the Perfidious Captain Rubidenus retreat.

 The lovely seaport of Southwest set for the evenings piece.  The Huntress is at anchor and the contraband and spoils of the pirates activities is landed on the beach.
Rubidenus is attempting to transfer the Contraband to the dealers in Southport.  And that is not in the plans of the Royal Marines. 
 Contraband,  That's a lot of wealth in captured goods.  And that is Captain Rubidenus in the longboat.
 The Raven makes port and is commanded by the famed pirate hunter, "Suleka".  This master of the seas is looking for the Huntress and Blue Billy.  She will take her prize!!
 How will this scenario play out?  Stay tuned as we just add Pirates.
 The game begins with the objective of reducing one side to powerless! In the words of Captain Suleka.
 The Huntress and the Raven begin a short range gun duel.
 The drum beat allows the marines to move and fire.  These were stated out with pretty tough GASLIGHT stats.  Shoot 12, scuffle 14, and base save of 8 for all with better saves for the officers and personalities.
 Lots of action as the kids developed wargame patience.

 One of the objectives was for a "red" captain to make contact with the longshoremen.  This would allow activation of reinforcements.  The player decided to swim for it instead of waiting for a ships launch.  The rules we used decided he could swim if he rolled a save each turn.  On the first turn he leapt overboard and failed his save - thus sinking to the bottom and drowning instantly....
Another scene was the away team scaling the aft section of the Huntress.  Eventually the game ended with these guys in tow as the Huntress cut anchor cables and got underway with a loss of 60% crew and all the contraband and treasure on the beach.


  1. Enjoyable action and *so spectacular* images! Compliments and thanks for sharing.

  2. Always great to see kids enjoying a game.