Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Pirating We Will Go


A Proper Pirate Game between Two Ships on the High Seas

So dear reader, we peer in once again to find the Tuesday night Strategy Gaming club hard at work on managing the careers of our fantasy world pirates Blue Billy and Rubidenus Fuchia.  In this episode our hero Blue Billy rots in prison back in the port of Southwest.  Meanwhile, frolicking about in the surf is his Lieutenant Rubidenus Fuchia in possession of the "Huntress" and navigating the trade routes in search of prey.
Which of course he finds, in the shape of a defenseless little trade ship.

The "Captain's Daughter" is a smaller vessel with only two guns on her broadside.  Nonetheless the crew tries to defend themselves to the bitter end.  We diced for a set number of turns at long range, medium range, short range and then boarding action.  The 1D3 created 2 rounds of long range cannon fire that took immediate effect on the "Daughter".  
 Captain Desmond of the Captain's Daughter adjusts crew and returns the broadside into the huntress to marginal effect.  The battle was a one-sided affair that had the "Daughter" taking a lot of punishment from the "Huntress."
 Rubidenus will have his first prize vessel with little to no opposition.
 Captain Desmond had to be told repeatedly, "It's over, we have surrendered!"  Really, "the game is over we are done.  We don't have any sailors left to man the ship."
The wreckage of the "Daughter" with the slaughter thrown overboard.
AAR:  the wind kind of went out of our pirate crew with only 1 student reporting for duty.  Oh well time to mix it up and add some other 54mm figures into the mix.  We have diligently painted Saracens and Knights and a lot of Robinhood figures.

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