Saturday, December 8, 2012



"How Captain Billy Blue Lost the Huntress to Perfidious Action!"

Listen dear reader as I recount the latest action in the unfolding story of Captain William Azure Marrow and the perfidious crew of the Huntress.  Now, the voyage back from the island of the dead can be described as wretched and horrible as the casualties moaned incessantly and the haunting image of fighting dead and rotting corpses in the stench filled jungle landscape caused more nightmares than real danger but nonetheless made the below decks of the Huntress a living nightmare as the wounded died and the mentally scarred died a little inside.

Moored at the pier in the port of Southwest, the Huntress crew poured eagerly into the town and wanted to pour their fears into a bottle at the Bollocks Mollusk.  One member of the crew had sequestered a portion of the disgruntled and terrified men into the longshoremen warehouse and filled their minds with the belief that Captain William Morrow or "Blue Billy" as he was known was only too eager to lead them all back to the same horror filled island of monsters they had just barely escaped.  Steeling their resolve they decide to mutiny and take the ship from Billy.  They had grand plans of safer and saner mayhem!?!

Billy entertains at the local tavern, the Bollocks Mollusk and tries to recruit men to replenish his dead and missing crew.

Out on the pier the men begin to argue.  Arguing turns to fighting.  Sides are taken and the mutiny is under way!

Billy sees the fighting in the streets of Southwest and fortifies the "Silly Snail" tavern.

Captain Rubidenus Fuchia at the longshoremen warehouse yells to Billy, "your not leaving with us this time you crazy old pirate."

Inside the warehouse the Fuchia mutineers fortify and fight!

On board the Huntress the mutiny divides what is left of the standing watch.  Toe to toe the men fight for and against the old captain.

Meanwhile the town watch mobilizes and will restore order to both sides of the mutiny.  The Governor of the port calls out the local military.

Pier pressure.

Active painters look on as their minis vie for control of the deck of the ship and the pier.

The table is alive from end to end with action and adventure!

Captain Billy's crew and loyals seem to be in control of the ship and pier and then.
The battle teeters a little and Billy knows he must make a break for the ship.

Rally boys.  To the ship!!

Out of the tavern they pour.  Sobered by the thought that if they don't make it they will be on shore leave for an extended period.

The attack on the longshoremen warehouse sees hand to hand fighting and then a resounding repulse and retreat!

Billy retires to his room at the Mollusk.

Violet stands proudly on deck of his new ship and sets sail for points unknown and new adventure!

The painting table is alive during lunch shifts...


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  1. Yet another crackin' yarn, fit for the re-telling over several jars of grog on these chilly old nights! Well done, again, Ken - and a wonderful lesson in how to interest, educate, and enliven our kids!
    Excellent stuff says Squibzy!