Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Crusades 54mm Hordes of the Things

Secondhand Lion's Crusades Campaign
Will you take up your sword in conquest of the Holy Land?
7:00 PM at Ken's We will begin a campaign game using
Hordes of the Things rules and my collection of Saracen and Knights in 54mm.
You may bring other HotT 28mm armies for practice on a side table.
The game will feature each of us commanding a Crusader army of our own design from the available miniatures.
Using the Crusader army you will play at least one game against the default Saracen Horde (maybe more if time and interest permits).
Scores will be tallied as a destroyed vs. lost aggregate and the winner with the best score will be crowned
Knight Commander of the Holy Land and, Defender of the True Cross.

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