Sunday, January 27, 2013

Electric Football Tournament 2013 Electra-bowl XXVI

 After two nights of games and a tournament tree it comes down to Denver and San Francisco. 
The game was a fun weekend with friends and
 The comissioner earns his keep and was worked hard the whole weekend.
 The late night crowd.
 Justin Chamberlain takes home the trophy.  Presented here by Terry Carr the league comissioner.
Congratulations Justin!!
See you in 2014.


  1. Apologise for the ignorance but what's the game. Love American football but never seen this.

  2. This is American Electric Football by Miggle and Tudor. You Tube search for electric football and see the game in action. An electric motor vibrates the table and the men move on their special bases and run plays designed by how the figures are set up.

    This video is good and is a lot like our group. We have been playing this for 26 years.

  3. That video is awesome.

    Here is the company that makes them:

  4. I remember playing this when I was a kid in the 70s. Vikings vs. Packers. And you could send away for other teams in both their Home and Away uniforms. Not that I ever got to. Will Smith was right. Parents just don't understand.

  5. Do a googly search for electric football and you could get your old teams and missed oppurtunities still to this day...