Friday, February 8, 2013

Secondhand Lion's Crusade Campaign

The new BMC 1/32 scale Saracen take the field.  This is a side table game  to augment the Saracen forces of the future.  Through the evening they proved to be a tough customer.  They went 2-0.

In the main event, the battle of Tripoli is under way.  Fighting in built up areas proved to be a test of the rules and our agreeable wargame nature.   This battle went to the Crusader forces under Mr. T.C. and advanced the Crusader column one more space toward Jeruselum.
Another side table battle that shows the death of the Crusader commander.  Backed up spear with a warband overlap and trap sent this pilgram packing!

We also debuted the grail cup collection.  Pretty typical collection of muggery.  Who will win the grail cup trophy...stay tuned.


  1. What frontage are you using for the 54mm HoTTs basing?

  2. We are using 5 inches frontage. The movement stick is marked with 4 inches equals 100 paces.