Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Twilight of Burgundy 1499

1499 France and environsThe final battle between the 

Holy Roman Empire and the French.

Steve G. provided the background for the campaign the map and two of the armies.  I would play as Emperor Maximilian leader of the Germans. Mike played as the French and Steve commanded the Burgundian troops.

The campaign came down to a great final battle against Mike S. and his French ordinance army.

A push of pike.  

 The armies are about to clash.  This would be a win on the right flank.  We pushed the extreme right of the line with knights and had a breakthrough.
 These pike were extremely steady and even when flanked were difficult to break.

 That is me. Commanding the Germans that were provided by Steve.
 Mike's Ordinance army.

 The opening dispositions. 


  1. Lots of pointy sticks! Looks good. So who won? How did the campaign aspects work out? How many battles did it generate?

  2. I won as the Holy Roman Empire. My map pin markers are the "yellow" in the map above. I was on a tear with siege rolls and in battle. The campaign aspects were straight up DBA. Three seasonal turns of spring, summer and autumn followed by a winter retreat. We diced for mercenaries each spring. Even when I was shy of merc's I went on the aggressive and beat a few armies that outnumbered me. My new DBA tactic is to hit an eligible portion of the enemy line with the good matchups and hope to drop four stands before they can react. This game generated at least 7 interactive field battles.