Saturday, October 24, 2015

Secondhand Lion's Halloween Themed Bone Bash

The Undead army made it's table debut in the Lion's Den last Thursday.  We had the faithful four tableside for some bone bashing Hordes of the Things action.

Jon and Terry fielded the Empire army.  We were at nearly 4 armies in points, I don't recall the exact figure count but it was an epic big battle.

A lot of these were painted by Nick W.  He wasn't able to make the game but his figures fought valiantly on in his absence.

The ghouls lumber forward as a horde.

The skeleton warband in fine fighting form.

A repurposed Heroscape dragon made an appearance.

'Scape on 'scape action two aerial elements clash on the right flank.

Nice close up of the warband.

Phone pic of the full table.

The Undead army won.  The Empire overlord went impetuous and thought to capitalize on a flank attack on the dead dragon.  The risk was that he was caught behind enemy lines and killed.

Carl L. fought as my flank commander and lead the zombies into some pretty surprising action against mounted knights.  No one expected them to fare as well as they did but the dice were on the zombie side.

After action fight with the fall of the Empire commander.  The fight took place top left near the large bone dragon and blade unit.

The zombies assault through wood and valley.  Some unpainted minis were needed to balance the huge skeleton army.  We were playing at the very bursting seams of the collection.

The corps cart served as the undead camp.  It was immobile and would cause our loss if it were captured.  It seemed about mid game the the aerials of the empire side were making a foray into that very tactic but the leader died too soon.

Sic 'em boys.

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