Monday, October 19, 2015

Dead Deader Deadest

The undead army suffered from the new unit curse. Bringing to the table my new army of undead painted figures in 28 millimeter for Hordes of the Things rules set, this Halloween project met with little battlefield success on it's first outing.
The army looked great but my dice rolls let them down. All that paint job went for naught.  My Zombie ally Ted C. fared much better with the warband army and hero. 

 Even the corpse cart was a great big disappointment. I classified this unit as a behemoth and it went into battle and got kicked.  My opponent on my half of the battlefield fielded a Battlemasters standard Empire based army with blades and a hero general a smattering of bow and a mighty cannon.

Mike had put together a nice army that he called the northern barbarians. Had a really cool flying hero.

I will look forward to commanding these again in the future in a better showing. 

The corpse cart.
A fun quick game to celebrate the season.

Late in the battle from behind my lines.

Pay attention to the base flocking how as the cart passes everything dies.

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