Monday, October 26, 2015

God and His Saints are Asleep

DBA Feudal Wargame Campaign set in the Angevin Empire

The story begins...

Stay tuned for more information and battle action in the opening moves of the campaign.


  1. That map is beautiful, although I'm not sure about a sea route starting in Salisbury :)

  2. I knew that was going to get a comment :-)

  3. Looking forward to the campaign , Tony

  4. Fantastic map. Immediately pulls me into the period and sparks interest in the campaign. Great job!

  5. The DBA campaign is set to begin and our map is full. We have 7 players. Moves are sent to You are encouraged to work out alliances and make plans with your peers. We are all "at war" with each other and will be awarded the victory points as per DBA 2.2 campaign rules. You are asked to present to me your campaign moves. I will need your current location within your realm of three cities and your march move and attack described in an email. I will dice for turn order and work out all map moves based on what you provide. Battles will be fought and reported back via my blog.

    The current game map is on my blog and attached here.

    Here are the players:
    Brian Caskey, Army 6 located in London-Winchester-Dover
    Mike Sanderson, Army 2 located in Orleans-Blois-Paris
    Steve Gross, Army 2 located in Rennes-Brest-Avranches
    Ryan Carlson, Army 6 located in Rouen-Caen-Calais
    John Young, Army 2 located in Bayonne-Bordeaux-Toulouse
    Ted Conn, Army 2 located in Auqitaine-Poitou-Limoges
    Kenneth Van Pelt, Army 6 located in Salisbury-Exeter-Pevensy

    I want this campaign to run until the next Recruits convention next fall. At that event we may have a culminating Friday night Big Battle Baron Bash!!

    Thanks for playing gentlemen. Send me your moves for the Spring of 1135.