Friday, October 16, 2015

And the Dead Shall Rise

Had a wild hair and decided to acquire an undead army as a Halloween project.  There is this neat little wargame collective that sells their cast offs on Facebook.  So browsing this web site the other day I saw some bags of skeletons for cheap.  Real cheap.  A few contact messages with the owner and a clandestine meeting in the back room of a local game shop and I was the owner of a Mantic Games collection of miniatures featuring skeletons, ghouls, wolves, heroes, necromancers, and demon spawn...
So I tumpt them out on the game table and based them Battlemaster style on 70x90 mm cardstock bases.  Our wargame group plays Hordes of the Things using old BattleMaster sets and proxies.

These were very nearly spray and play.  Do not come here dear reader for a painting lesson on zombies or un-dead minis.  This is quick and dirty work to get them table ready in 5 days time.

That is a mess o zombies.  I hate zombies.

My blade unit three stands strong

Click on the images to get gagged on drybrush technique.

Spear unit looking pretty tough.

A hero stand and his retinue of bards and hangers-on.

The croaking of the chanters can practically be heard wailing away.

"And you get some dead, and you get some dead, dead for everyone wails the Necromancer."

Not sure what these are called officially but I refer to them as deamons or hell spawn.

Dead dogs.

Thanks for looking in.  I will battle report on these in my next post as they are going table-side to kick ass on some human knights and men-at-arms.

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  1. What a great army and the painting works fine....I can almost smell the putrefaction ...mmmmmm!