Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Recruits Convention September 2015

Friday evening I got to run my Rome invades Britain Battle of Medway 43 AD.
Handmade armies on a homemade painted tablecloth.  Pretty much created from next to nothing.

Britain Celts

Three Roman Legions II, IX, XIV

Rome attempts to ford the Medway river.

Roman Proconsul's look on in earnest.

Rome and British commanders await the attack.

Rome is demoralized on both the left and right flank and retire back to the beachhead to await another attempt.

The beginning of the end.

Good times with great gamers.


Saturday AM, I was able to secure a spot in the convention guest of honor and the creator or Wooden Wars, Thomas Foss game.  The battle of La Haye-block.

Thomas Foss explains the game.  Wooden Wars

Kinetic floor combat with rubber balls vs. small wooden soldiers.

I had a great time in this one and was on the losing side.

The fall of the British flag!  and the end of the game.

Saturday DBA with the NADBAG and locals.

I took second place in a pretty good sized tournament with my Feudal English.

Your humble commander and blog host.

Fought some Russians.

This is the spot I lost first place to Chris Southerland, who took the first place prize.
I had Knight General versus an elephant that was overlapped 4 vs 4 on combat factors and I rolled a 1 to his 5.  I die and lose the game.  He wins and takes first place.  On a different die roll it would have been reversed!!  Chris is a very good guy and I cannot fault him.  I put all of my eggs in this basket and the elephant stepped on them.

Steve and Chris.

The awards.  First is a painted Byzantine army, Second was an unpainted Viking army.

Saturday Night in the Deadlands.

Axles and Alloys car combat game.

A damned rowdy group.  

The led sled rounds the corner near the strip club.

We never made a half of a lap!

Jon Haworth 10 points for first
Nick W 6 for second
Ken 4 for third and 
Terry 2 for fourth.

We will have pictures of the trophy presentation when they become available.


  1. Those home made armies are brilliant and the rest of the convention looked to be a good laugh too.

  2. Nice and funny looking games, and lovely minis!