Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Auricania Patagonia Imagi-Nation Project

It is good when a project nears it's completion and is simply a "go to" set of soldiers and miniatures ready to play out the self styled imagi-Nation that we have created.  My set of RISK minis that I wanted to paint into two imagi-Nation armies is very close to complete.  I am gathering the terrain and revisiting my map set and Auricania Patagonia will be alive.
Patagonian Army on assembly and parade.  King Michael will be so proud.

The Patagonian banner unfurls in the wind.

A cavalry review.

Those men on grey horses are terrifying. 

Mighty mighty cannon.

A close view of the command legion.


  1. Very nice. Those Risk figures are quite fun to paint, aren't they :)

  2. Yes they are! I thought they made a fine little solo set for Horse and Musket era games.