Friday, May 22, 2015

Ever Have One of Those Days?!

Where all is right with the world?
Last day of school for my Upper El. Classes so we throw down some "Knights of Camelot" on the whiteboard with die rolling and high adventure in Arthurian Britain.  This went on for the first two classes.  I was really pleased to introduce my students to a RPG/board game.  They loved it and I am sure this will come back in some form next school year.

An RPG geek dream.  An LCD white board to project your game map on and keep track of character movement and stats.

Our classes got to finish with a unit on architecture.  The best photos are on my Sony camera and have not been uploaded.  (If requested I will add them.)

These kids had never played through a full game of Chinese Checkers so we had a Lower El. demonstration game.  Patience, taking turns, strategic planning, following rules where the objectives.

Love this game.

So then for the evening entertainment I got to play some cool games with the club.  We had a Japanese F1 race on a scale version of the actual Suzuka track in Japan.  In keeping with the theme we ordered sushi and poured saki.  After dinner we played a game of Cricket on the bristle dart board.  Had some good laughs at our lack of dart throwing skill and the game came down to one closing point apiece between the three of us.

On to the track and some Going the Distance racing action.     A six car race that was swift and clean.  We actually had no DNFs or collisions.  The race was pretty light with only three required laps and was run with out pit stops by any team.  Some cars coming across the line with red-lined stats.  

The start.  Ted and Terry cars have moved and gone round turn one.  My two cars still in the grid and getting ready to roll my first turn.  Going the Distance requires 3 to 5 dice to be rolled to generate the movement of the cars.

My turn one.  Listen to the high pitched scream of those F1 engines.  See the sparks as the car under-body blisters through the turn. From race leader to back of the photo- Ted, Ken, Terry, Ken....

In the "Spoon" it is Terry, Ken getting loose, Ken, Ted, Ted, Terry....

Terry takes a commanding lead roaring down the front straight and across the start finish paddock area.

Terry would run away with this one and the lead in our year long campaign unless PKRAT Van Pelt could do some aggressive racing.

Boom.  In this image we see perhaps a season telling image of the neck and neck racing taking place between the garages of Van Pelt and Carr.

Same place in the race as above letting you see the bridge and then the turn into home stretch.

Vroom.  We see the finish. Ken Van Pelt 10, Terry Carr in second and third with 6, 4 respectively.  Followed closely by team Conn with Ted taking fourth and fifth garnering 3, and 2 points.  And then Van Pelt in last place with a car he nursed too much taking 1 point.

Prior to this evening's race:
Ken - 20
Terry - 16
Jon Mark- 16
Ted - 9
Bill - 5
John C - 5
Carl - 3
Greg - 3

We see a progression into the next segment of:
Ken - 31
Terry - 26
Jon Mark- 16
Ted -14
Bill - 5
John C - 5
Carl - 3
Greg - 3

Cleaned up the track and we got out Camelot for a near end of evening game.  Three sided view of this new to me game I got off ebay.  I love the simple mechanics and great pieces that come with the game.  You get to have a Castle HQ.  A dragon!  Some knights that include a skilled dragon slayer.  Ships and catapults!  What!  Yea it's all there and super easy to play.  1987 copyright with really simple rules.  I lost.

Ted with blue.  Ken in the middle with yellow.  Terry commanded the purple kingdom.

Early game.

My peaceful kingdom just minding our own business and not trying to hurt anyone...

and for a night ender game we played Tiddly Winks.  Don't laugh this game is frustratingly hard.  Ted won.  We squidged, squopped, nurdled, and boondocked.

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  1. It was a very fun evening of gaming. Excellent racing.

  2. Tiddly Winks?! It is good to know that even hard core gamers can break out a silly game on occasion and have a good time with it.