Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Glorious Twentieth of June

The day began.
Unlike any other day.
The six ships in Yellow Beard's squadron of buccaneers couldn't believe their eyes.  As they approached the rendezvous point of their evil leader they beheld the wreck and destruction of the brethren flagship.  Is Yellow Beard dead?  What could be salvaged from the shoreline where Yellow Beard's black hulled dis-masted ship lay wallowing in the surf? 

With a will they realized that he who held the most had the world to win.  The squadron went chaotic evil and each captain wanted to claw his way to the top!  It was reckoned that whomsoever held the most treasure or even rescued Yellow Beard -if he were alive would become the new pirated king defacto!

So the race for survival and top dog began.

Using my homebrew garden pirate rules we gamed our annual "Glorious 20th of June" game.

My little pirate sloop.

All of the chips mean something.  Sails, guns, fired, loaded, maneuver etc. 

Ships move and fire in one yard increments.

You can just see the wreck of Yellow Beard at extreme left.  He washed ashore on Bone's Eye Cay.

The Governor and his undead crew.

Generous booty from Mr. Haworth.

Sailing away into next summer.

That night we had the shrimp boil family gathering.  

Truly a glorious day.


  1. Looks like a great game and wonderful family get together. Like the garden shed too.

  2. Are the rules available? Thanks for the post!

  3. Yes send me an email. kenneth_vanpelt AT comccast dot net