Friday, May 15, 2015

Death from Above

The Blue Bomber Air force attacks.
In the Deadzone, crazy axles and alloys drivers test metal and men in the sport of death racing

Angry machinery poised for mutual and victimized destruction.

The cauldron they call pit row is a dangerous place to rest your teams cars.

WTF!  That car just flew through the air hailing machine gun bullets out of the sky!!!!!


Oh hell yeah!

Buyah!  I laughed so hard beer came out of my nose.

A great segment in our F1 calendar.  This time we are at Ted's for an Axles and Alloys Deadzone race.  The final points look like this:
Terry Carr and the "Dutch Oven" in first place with 10 points
Ken Van Pelt in the "Blue Bomber" with second place and 6 points.
D10 Billy and the Pokey Red Rocket in third with 4 points.
John C. in fourth in a replacement vehicle after the "Yellow Flamer" was knocked out takes 3 points.
Jon Haworth in the "Fishbat" took fifth and has 2 points.
And the host with the most took the least (he always get's a beat down in the Deadzone!) Our own Ted Conn in his replacement car gets 1 point.   His rail buggy had targets painted on all sides.

1 comment:

  1. I think the Overall Standings are as follows:

    Ken - 20
    Terry - 16
    Jon Mark- 16
    Ted - 9
    Bill - 5
    John C - 5
    Carl - 3
    Greg - 3