Friday, May 8, 2015

Go Fast Turn Left

Racing in the the Conncourse 300

NASCAR racing with all the "Turn left, drive fast" action you can handle.  The Secondhand Lions used Race Day collectible cardstock cars to continue our campaign game race theme and this time it was NASCAR action.
Ted Conn, hand colored all of the raw card edges on his collection to enhance the beauty of the cars and make them much more than a punch and build collectible.

Bass Pro car driven by Ken Van Pelt.

My other car the Office Depot 99.

Press pass access to the Conncourse was available.

The grid readies their driver and car.

Screaming hot racing action down the back stretch into turn 3.

Pit lane stacks up during lap 3.

Turn 3 and 4 from the aerial camera.

Race finished early as the hour was getting very late.  Each driver had two cars and the positions at quitting time were as follows.

Jon Haworth 1st place with 10 points.
Terry Carr 2nd place with 6 points.
Ken Van Pelt 3rd with 4 points.
Greg Moore 4th with 3 points.
Ted Conn 5th with 2 points.
Bill 6th with 1 point.

Calculating the two events we have a points standing of:

Ken Van Pelt 14 points, Jon Haworth 14 points.
Tedd Conn 8 points
Carl Lathrop 3 points, Greg Moore 3 points.
John Cordry 2 point
Bill Cownie 1 point

Next race will be the Formula 1 race of Suzuki Japan.  Micro machines on a road course.


  1. Fun game! It's a tough track, but very fun.

  2. Looks like a fun game. Do you use home brewed rules for this?

  3. Yes. We use my rules, Going the Distance.