Friday, May 1, 2015

Formula 1 B.C. Grand Prix of Italy Chariots in the Lion's Den

The Secondhand Lions have begun a year long race schedule to determine the racing champion of the club.  We will race in different forms and formats and keep a running score of the results to determine our victor!  Our first event has been called the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Italy and features my 54mm chariot racing collection and spina from the circus maximus.  Join us table side as Ken takes his victory lap.
Yes good readers, I won the first race in our schedule.  That's me above in the red tunic crossing the finish line.  So let's take a look at the action that lead to such a grand victory.

Out of the gates.  The five charioteers lash their teams of horses on to breakneck speed.

The front straight away. Turn one the teams all start out with a speed die in the chariot basket.  During the plotting phase you could increase or decrease your speed and then the turn would be resolved from the front of the pack to the back. Repeat.

Ted, John C, and Carl racing around the spina.

Going into the turns.  Lots of geometry and guess work.

I love to see this set out at least once a year.

Racing and pacing.

It was a great race that would see three of the five charioteers shipwreck their rigga.

The game is a guess for maneuver speed versus turn radius allowed at the chosen speed.
Hitting other racers and the fixed objects like the outer wall and crashed rigga are all calculated in your control die roll.  Fail three times and your shipwrecked. 

Coming into the final turn of a three lap race.  The blank cardboards came in handy to mark the progress of a turn radius and you can see the control die roll on each in turn as the move was calculated and executed.

Fine bit of racing by that Van Pelt team.

Making rolls that were critical to victory.

You can hear the hoof beats and smell the horses. No wait that's just Carl.

Team Lathrop getting mathematical.

It was a fun event and we wish the whole crew could have been there.

Late night game. Kittens in a Blender.


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  2. Points will be calculated as in F1 2002 season: 10, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1

    1st Ken Van Pelt 10 points
    2nd Tedd Conn 6 points
    3rd Jon Haworth 4 points
    4th Carl Lathrop 3 points
    5th John Cordry 2 point

  3. Outstanding! Thanks for the post. I am working on my own set of 54s for Circvs Maximvs and can always use the inspiration. If I may ask, what rules are you using? Scott

  4. The rules are called Frigg'n Rigga. Fast play rules for chariot racing by Ken Van Pelt. Convention playable, one page.