Friday, February 10, 2017

The Great War

Opening game last night of The Great War.  Played as British in scenario 2, introductory level.
The left flank of the army.

The center, showing our mortar position and the right flank machine gun.

Back at HQ. They got reams of paper work.  When will they send some of that for artillery support.

This shows the left flank advance that stalled and got shot up.

This shows the right flank advance that stalled and got shot up.  This one was much more successful but could not carry the day.
I am very pleased with the idea of this game and I am glad that I bought it.  The miniatures are very nice and well done.  The British minis had a hard time keeping bayonets when I clipped them from the sprue but other than that it was a pretty easy assembly.  
I am looking forward to commemorating the 100th anniversary year of WWI with this title and my Blue Max games.  Keep checking back for the tanks coming out in this game.

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  1. Nice. I've got a copy of this, but have yet to play it. I seem to always pull out Memoir when I want to play C&C.

    Thanks for sharing.