Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Great War Scenario 2

Wargaming with the "Monday Knights."

At my regular Monday night group we had a bring and play night of The Great War.  This new game took center stage and we did the learning scenario number two - twice.  I got to play in the second game and lost as the Germans.  First game featured Mr. S and Mr. C. and the cards and dice just did not favor the British side.

This is one of my 6x6 challenge games so chalk up another play.

German Victory.

My turn at managing the Germans.  Orders from HQ are to "sit here and wait.  Shoot up the British as they cross no-man's land."

We couldn't keep them out.  Great hand management and patience let Mr. M. just roll up and live in my trenches.

Great night of gaming.

Thanks for looking in.

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