Thursday, February 16, 2017

AFL Electric Football 1961 SOLO

Quiet day in the art room so let's break out the ole' football board and toss the pig skin.

The next game in my series of electric football solo games is to play the Oakland Raiders @ the Houston Oilers game from September 9, 1961.  Beautiful day for football in Jeppeson field and the Houston fans have turned out in mass causing a crowd noise deficit to the Raiders.

I create a "game day program" for each of these events and use period artwork found on Ebay auctions.

We got to play on a Miggle 6072 model with our 1961 scoreboard art for a backdrop.

Houston's George Blanda under pressure!  Gets off a short pass to number 20, Billy Cannon!

Oakland's Jerry Burch gets a hand in-between Cannon and the ball!

It's broken up and Burch comes down with an INT!

Burch pivots and gets upfield for about four yards... let's see where they mark the ball. 

Blue die is the passing die from Blanda for a pass on target.  Because I threw into a covered man the defense is allowed to break up the pass by matching the die roll which is the black die for Jerry Burch.  Then the follow on die needs a natural 6 for an interception which is what came up.

The score at half time was 7 - 0.

Houston gets a complete pass for a TD but miss the extra point.

Fourth quarter action we have a complete pass for a TD.  I may add some "effects" in paint.  What do you think yes or no?


Late fourth quarter we see a completed pass for Oakland but it was too little too late and they used up their T.O.'s early on.

1961 Oakland Raiders

1961 Houston Oilers.

Tudor Games 1961 Score board and a facsimile game program.

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