Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Night of WWI Gaming

On a recent thrift run I found a complete copy of the American Heritage Dogfight game.  Vintage goodness and flying fun.  I like this game a lot.  Had a chance to play two sessions of this as we waited for the full club to meet on Thursday night.

Mr. T. played the Germans and I took the American planes.  I won the first game by allowing the Germans to run into my "bug zapper" anti-aircraft guns. I did have a double ace in that one.

Come on double ace!

The second game was rife with play mechanic inaccuracies but we gave the game to Mr. T. in a fun eight card exchange that included 3 loop defense cards.  A good laugh because that is about as awesome a card series as this game could create.

The second table game of the night was Hordes in the Trenches.

This one was a grinder as the French British allied attack ran into a well defended trench.

Mr.'s T. and T. commanded a staunch German line.


  1. Love seeing the old Airfix in action; the switchover to black & white was inspiring. It looks like photos when Airfix was a mainstay of wargamers.

  2. An interesting post for your WW1 Gaming - most nostalgic. Do like the little Planes - looks like SE5A's vs Albatross...interesting. Cheers. KEV.

  3. I remember that Dogfight game. It was a lot of fun.